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A Singapore raved and fave.

If hosting a party is in your cards in the next few weeks, it will be handy to put Bee's Cake on your radar. This family-run cake business have been around for two years but they already have a loyal and impressed following under their wing. While their small shopfront can only literally contain four seats, most of their regulars order cake takeaways instead.

Bee's Cake has four different flavours on their menu - Bee's Carrot Cake (8" $40; 6" $22), Country Apple Cake (8" $45; 6" $23), Red Velvet (8" $50; 6" $26) and Chocolate Praline (8" $52; 6" $28). My personal preference goes to the Country Apple Cake which reminded me of a very down-to-earth apple pie, generous with the sweet apple stuffings, and outside remained really crispy and fragrant. Their signature Bee's Carrot Cake was very delicious as well, with a moist sponge middle and minimal cream to reduce its heaviness. If you're getting cakes from them for a party and prefer your cakes to be less-sugar, just drop them a note when you're ordering. They offer fruit tarts as well, fruits stuffed in lovely custard... so fresh, they burst into a explosion of juiciness in the mouth.

Bee's Cakes
520 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534537

Opening hours
Fri - Sun: 1000 - 1800


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