Singapore: Brunches Cafe

Vintage everywhere on Rangoon Road.

Vintage must be Brunches Cafe's middle name, with every corner of this roomy hideout having a touch of vintage, including their serving plates and feature shelf. Despite the weekend afternoon's crowd having their brunch (heh heh, what else here?), there are plenty of seats available. As we were there as part of the Sugar Rush event, we probably didn't exactly had an experience of a walk-in customer as they already prepared a menu set for us to try.

The service crew at Brunches is very efficient and kindly allowed us in, even though the rest of our team hasn't reached yet. So we had a bit of time to roam around to explore the cafe, and discovered this Halloween-sque shelf with lots of dolls and that the prominent vintage car near the entrance is actually part of a booth. No way, that's too cute. Undoubtedly, another big plus factor is Brunches Cafe's size which made me feel so comfortable.  
The most photogenic and afternoon sweet treat was the Mixed berries waffles with vanilla ice-cream (SGD13.50) that was quite delicious, but there was some technicalities that didn't meet the mark.. the waffles weren't adequately warm or crispy, and the ice-cream didn't taste the premium sort. If your priority is to take an awesome Instagram photo, this will be your best prop but when it comes to taste, I guess Brunches Cafe can afford to improve the quality of the ice-cream and increase the price accordingly.
Their Juicy Beef Burger (SGD19.50) was decent, the grilled beef patty erred on the side of being slightly dry, contrary to its name, but the rest of it was alright. I would personally try something else again if I had the chance. Their BBQ Chicken Wings (SGD11) was more disappointing as it was simply too salty, I think they over-marinated it. It was impossible to eat without downing glasses of water, which the service crew did refill promptly.
Brunches Cafe is a lovely place to hang out, perhaps for desserts and coffee (which I haven't tried so by all means I'm not recommending from my own experience) but their mains and sides need a bit more of a boost. 
Brunches Cafe
96 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218381

Opening hours
Closed on Tue
Mon - Fri: 1030 - 2100
Sat & Sun: 0930 - 2100

8685 8488

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