Singapore: Mrs Pho

Crying tears of happiness, brb

Singapore: Mrs Pho

The agenda that night was simple: a date with myself, and pho. Oh, my favourite kind of night. I has my eyes set on Mrs Pho,.. and then I went headlong into Vietnamese food paradise. I rarely feel this amount of ecstasy when I eat - I must have looked slightly deranged smiling to myself while slurping down this bowl of pho. Moving on: 
Singapore: Mrs Pho
Mrs Pho is set on Beach Road. Quite, quite a walk from Bugis MRT station. I was honestly about to give up and sneak into one of the caf├ęs along the way. But I am so glad I didn't because otherwise I wouldn't have found this gem of a place which looked really hipster in the industrial way... Mrs Pho is actually very similar to many modern pho places in Ho Chi Minh (yes, yes I'm working on those posts /  soon  /).

Singapore: Mrs Pho
Singapore: Mrs Pho

Fuzzy pictures for all the fuzzy feels I have for this bowl of Pho Bo Tai (SGD7.90). I mean, look at that silky smooth pho noodles and the best part? The soup was properly rich with its sweet meaty goodness, yet clear and so aromatic. Honestly, the taste alone brings me back to the ranks of Melbourne's bests. The beef wasn't as good though. It wasn't tough but it wasn't satisfying tender either. I guess the source of the beef matters a lot as compared to the abundance of good beef meat available in Australia. Still... I think it's really way better as compared to a certain popular pho-chain restaurant (here is the link of my one and only visit in 2013 which made me swear off Vietnamese cuisine for two entire years). I also ordered some Cha Gio (SGD3) - fried spring rolls at a dollar per pop - at first I thought it might be too expensive but I changed my mind after I tasted it. It is wonderfully tasty and legit - I might go far enough to say it tasted very similar than the ones in Ho Chi Minh. This is a compliment.

Singapore: Mrs Pho

I left feeling really fuzzily warm and happy, I even left a tip for them - not my usual practice but hey, this is a rare occasion. The whole place was actually very packed, there was even a (short) queue outside - it's not hard to understand why. So I'm saying it again - 100% will recommend and 100% will come back again when that pho craving hits. Ngon on, Mrs Pho.
Mrs Pho
349 Beach Road
Singapore 199570

Opening hours
Mon to Sat: 1100 - 2200
Closed on Sun

6292 0018
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