Singapore: Tai Lei Loi Kei 澳门大利来记猪扒包

Bringing Macau to Singapore.

The tastes of Macau is not particularly striking, unique or memorable.. but one thing I remember about it was how comforting it was, a quiet companion and a friend to the soul. Tai Lei Loi Kei was on one of the food trails I've recently done, and knowing it was from Macau, I was pretty excited to find out what it has.

We tried a few items, including the Signature pork chop burger (SGD6.90) which didn't live up to my expectations, I was disappointed because I was hoping to taste something similar to the original. I didn't find the oil used fresh, and there was a slightly stale feeling to it. Then we also had the Bouncy noodles Macau-style set (SGD7.90) which wasn't much better either. The Macau chicken wings - 6pc (SGD5.90) were slightly burnt and overcooked too. The Macau curry fish ball (SGD4.90) was really delicious though, my favourite of all because the curry was very rich and fragrant, with quite a strong spicy kick! For desserts, their Sawdust cake in Original, Milo and Cookie (SGD3.50) is unique but I didn't take to the idea much because it had the tendency to choke me due to its dryness. Overall, I find that Tai Lei Loi Kei is a far cry from its original in Macau and will not be a good substitute.

Tai Lei Loi Kei 澳门大利来记猪扒包
23 Serangoon Central #B2-15
Singapore 556083

Opening hours
Daily: 1030 - 2230

6636 5633

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