Singapore: Vita Italiana

Pizza is the best policy.

Singapore: Vita Italiana
Vita Italiana is located along the quiet stretch of Mosque Street, a classy Italian restaurant that I would never accidentally chance upon unless I work nearby. I found with the instructions on the Sugar app (#wewantsugar) and came face to face with this lovely place.
Singapore: Vita Italiana
Singapore: Vita Italiana

Trying only two things on its extensive menu probably doesn't suffice as a full review (check out its Facebook page here) but their Bismarck (Ham, Mushroom and Egg) 12-inch pizza was really finger-licking good... I mean, can eggs on pizzas be a compulsory combination already?! I went for slice after slice without feeling like I will ever get sick of it until I finished it, and still feeling like this is gonna be the pizza that I will keep craving for a long, long time to come. Dessert is also always mandatory on my solo binging trips, so I got myself the dessert of the day - daily surprises are good for health - and had a double scoop berry ice-cream. This was too sweet even for me, so I think they really have to tone it down on the sugar level. I had to drink a lot of water to balance the aftertaste. Special mention to the on-the-ball service throughout my stay in Vita Italiana, as well as to the other diners while I was there. They are still quite new - only three months as of this review.
Vita Italiana
38 Mosque Street
Singapore 059516

Opening hours
Daily: 1200 - 2200


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