Voice of China Season 4 Episode 13 Finale Prelude (Winner Predictions!)

Before the grand show... let's look back at the best of Voice of China Season 4 and do some predictions!

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 13 Finale Prelude (Winner Predictions!)

There are three parts in this finale prelude!
(1) For the lazy ones... I know, you haven't been chasing the episodes quick enough. Not all performances are built equal, so if you only have limited time, here are the top 25 performances (in my books).  
(2) Song list for Voice of China Season 4 Finale is OUT! For the hardcore fans, chew on this list as you try to figure out how these songs will work out for each of the contestant and their winning stakes.
(3) My prediction for the finale and explanation

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 13 Finale Prelude (Winner Predictions!)

(1) Top 25 performances of Voice of China Season 4

I have tried to rank them in terms of the level of must-watch-ness. However, this is obviously highly subjective and there are so many that I want to recommend all at once... it pains me to decide which one I like better! Nevertheless, here we go, I will end off with my favourite-est at the bottom.

25. Guan Shi Min 关诗敏 - 晴天
People have asked me why I don't like Guan Shi Min's voice, I find her a very 'vanilla pop star', but I have to admit that this is nicely done during the blind auditions round. I find myself singing along with her for this one.
24. Lang-ga-la-mu 朗嘎拉姆 - 一剪梅
She is not Teresa Teng, she is Lang-ga-la-mu! She developed her own style quickly enough, and this is the most angelic performance of the entire season, hands down (not including finale's performances).
23. Zhang Shu 张姝 + Li Wen Hui 李文慧 - 燕尾蝶
Going back to listen to this again and again somehow, and it haunts me. It's an insanely difficult song to hit the highest keys with enough power. These two strong ladies pulled it off with ease. Along with new choreography to it. #respect 
22. Li Wen Hao 李文豪 - 你的背包
I love this song so I am slightly partial on this one, but I liked how he was so cool about this. He was facing off against Tan Xuan Yuan (final 5) in the PK rounds and got eliminated, but understandably since he was up against a strong competitor.
21. Huang Xiao Yun 黃霄雲 - 你
I love this voice so much - she imbued this song of Jam with a Disney quality to it. How? All the crescendos are also so beautiful and meaningfully done. Even the goosebumps on my cheeks are standing in ovation. 
20. Saya Zhang Hui Chun 張惠春 - 怎麼說我不愛你
I guess A-mei's voice but in a more sensual and emotional strain is the voice we never knew we lacked in this world. I wished she will sing more but she got eliminated pretty early in the PK rounds. All we've got in the season now is this...
Voice of China Season 4 Episode 13 Finale Prelude (Winner Predictions!)

19. Huang Yong 黄勇·- 流浪
I noticed this gruffy man a little too late. I like how relaxed he always seem, and it always sound like there is a personal story behind his singing (probably is).
18. Zhao Da Ge 赵大格 - 我在人民广场吃炸鸡
Similar to Guan Shi Min, I never liked Zhao Da Ge because she flirts with the camera more than necessary, but I ended up bobbing my head to it whenever this song comes up on my playlist. Yes I can like the song but not the person, okay?
17. Will Jay + Xu Lin 徐林 Just the Way You Are and 稻香
Much of my love for this performance comes from the ingenious choreography and weaving together of these two songs that seemed impossible. Bruno Mars and Jay Chou?! Who knew. The guys also managed to perform it brilliantly with a dual-piano playing act.
16. Chang Yu 長宇 - 氧氣
I really like this gentle voice that has this quiet strength in it. Not to mention, he picked the right song that suited his voice very much - a recipe for instant success. Nevertheless, he wasn't as showy as the rest so I guess his early exit is unavoidable.
15. Chang Yu 長宇 + Chen You Pair 晨悠組合 每天愛你多一些
This is the best duet of this season (technically it's three-way. um, oh yeah)! Onscreen chemistry cannot be more awkward, so just listen to it. If you're up for some laughs, look out for the clumsy, forceful bear hug at the end. 
14. Will Jay - Lemon Tree
Need I say more? Will Jay is such a popular kid in the season - especially after he sang this well-known song that everyone could sing without referring to lyrics. I ended up hitting replay so much. 
Voice of China Season 4 Episode 13 Finale Prelude (Winner Predictions!)

13. Liu Chang Yuan 柳畅源 + Chen Zi Tong 陈梓童 - 刀剑如夢 (中国好声音中秋晚會)
Madness. Simply madness - these two talents should make more songs together. I emphasize that you must watch the Mooncake Festival Show's version because they are much more expressive in that.
12. Jay Chou 周杰伦 - 默
Heh heh in the alternate universe, I will rank this my number one. This probably shouldn't qualify because Jay Chou isn't a contestant, but this opening song really kicked my in the gut so I shall just... leave this here... He is giving Na Ying the queen a run for her money. But I love the two versions equally in different ways.
11. Zhang Lei 张磊 + Zhu Qiang 朱强 - 车站
Here comes the start of the barrage of Zhang Lei's performances... tear-jerker, this one. It feels like a narrative sort of song that draws audiences in.
10. Xiu Er 修儿 - 张三的歌
She doesn't care what you think about her, obviously. She does what she wants. The results? People love and hate on her strongly, but for me, she definitely is a winner. Jay even promised to sign her on.
9. Chen Zi Tong 陈梓潼 - 双截棍
Who can forget the song that Queen T first performed on the stage of VOC? This song exploded on charts the moment it was released, no doubt because it totally owned the original even if it is by the unbeatable Jay. Hngh-hngh-ha-hee! 
8. Tan Xuan Yuan 谭轩辕 - Carrie
Should I bump this up? I love Tan Xuan Yuan's performances in general so much because his voice just tells you one thing: for him, singing is effortless. There ain't no key too high for him.
Voice of China Season 4 Episode 13 Finale Prelude (Winner Predictions!)

7. Bei Bei 贝贝 + Xiu Er 修儿 - 我的天空
A strange pairing that created unprecedentedly good sparks. I find myself going back to listen to this occasionally, haunted by the quirky verses and the repetitive 'hello, hello'. If you love this performance, go see a slightly different version on the Mooncake Festival Show in which Xiu Er became even more liberated in her performance style. To me, watching her feels as satisfying as screaming at the top of my lungs at the mountain tops. Bei Bei is... well, being Bei Bei, owning the game as always.
6. Zhang Lei 张磊 - 南山南
I know I know, this is a chart-topper!!! What is it doing on #6?
Voice of China Season 4 Episode 13 Finale Prelude (Winner Predictions!)

5. Zhang Lei 张磊 - 寂寞是因为思念谁
I honestly like this one better because I heard the original before, and when I hear Zhang Lei does it in his way... it breaks my heart so much. If you are the sort who loves C-pop emo songs... goodness, this is right up your alley. Get ready buckets to contain your tears. 
4. Bei Bei 贝贝 - 存在
Aha. How many people have tried this song? Uncountable. How many songs have Bei Bei sang in this season? So many. Ultimately, somehow all the stars are aligned right on this one - this is definitely her best performance and also the best of all 存在s yet. If you want to know Bei Bei's true prowess, I pick this one. 
3. Sun Bo Lun 孙伯纶  - 像疯了一样
Affective, and inspiring. I went on to put it on replay because it's so comfortable to listen to. It might come across boring at the start. But this song is just like that, not out to impress you, but it sticks. Trust me, it'll start playing in your head when silence comes around.  I actually found and finished a 40-episode drama to watch because Sun Bo Lun sang this song. Yep.
2. Zhang Lei 张磊 - 虎口脫險
Somehow, when I first saw Zhang Lei singing this song, I knew I am going to love this song for a long, long time to come. Even when seasons change and new songs may come around, I will still go back to this one. Zhang Lei's voice has magnetic properties, really.
1. Tan Xuan Yuan 谭轩辕 -  欲水
I tried searching for what 欲水 means. There aren't any proper explanations but somehow I feel the most strongly for this performance. It's crazy how this originally extremely sad song has turned into an angry/rock song and still works. Even though I can understand every separate sentence, this song still doesn't exactly make sense (If you know Chinese, read the lyrics and please explain to me if you do understand. I can guess some possible metaphors it refers to, but I am not confident.), yet I could feel the meaning of this song. What? I think that's the power of human communication through song.
Voice of China Season 4 Episode 13 Finale Prelude (Winner Predictions!)

(2) Song list for Episode 13, Finale 巅峰之夜
Courtesy of diyiapp and qq.com, translated

Jay Chou and team's opening
Jay Chou 周杰伦 + Chen Zi Tong 陈梓童: 鞋子特大号 + 牛仔很忙 + 免费教学录影带
Jay Chou 周杰伦+ Li An 李安: 发如雪 (ft. Guan Shi Min, Jiang Yuan Dong)

Na Ying and team's opening
Na Ying 那英 + Zhang Lei 张磊演唱: 南山南 + 梦一场

Wang Feng and team's opening
Wang Feng 汪峰 + Bei Bei 贝贝: 石头在唱歌

Harlem and team's opening
Harlem 庾澄庆 + Tan Xuan Yuan 谭轩辕: 我最摇摆

Chen Zi Tong 陈梓童: 黑色幽默 OR 刀马旦 (Unconfirmed)
Li An 李安: 蜗牛 + 我爱的人
Bei Bei 贝贝 - 回来 + 青春
Zhang Lei 张磊 - 旅行+ 异乡人
Tan Xuan Yuan 谭轩辕 - 流浪记 + We are the Champions

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 13 Finale Prelude (Winner Predictions!)

(3) My Predictions for Finale

#1 Tan Xuan Yuan 谭轩辕 (3 turns during blind auditions - All except Jay)
#2 Zhang Lei 张磊 (3 turns during blind auditions - All except Jay)
#3 Bei Bei 贝贝(4 turns during blind auditions)
#4 Li An 李安 (4 turns during blind auditions)
#5 Chen Zi Tong 陈梓潼 (4 turns during blind auditions)

Explanation for predictions...
Chen Zi Tong and Li An are arguably the ones who are the weakest at dealing with stress (so it appears in past performances) so there is a possibility that their live performance might slip up. I like them, but yeah... things are cruel around here. As compared, Bei Bei, Zhang Lei and Tan Xuan Yuan are more stable. Among the three, Bei Bei is the wild card because she is not popular among the media representatives and yet most popular among the audiences (she had the highest votes in Episode 12 in the audience voters component). I'll put her as #3 because I like Tan Xuan Yuan and Zhang Lei a lot more. I choose Tan Xuan Yuan as #1 because I am biased. The end of story. 
Okay okay, it's because currently, Zhang Lei is considered as champion by many in forums, threads, and news articles. If the trend continues from previous seasons, the finalist with the highest champion potential always end up to be #2 (See: Momo Wu, Zhang Heng Yuan, Yu Feng). People love a story of about dark horses. It is difficult to predict how far the minyao factor can bring Zhang Lei in a different (massive!) setting like the Bird Nest, perhaps Tan Xuan Yuan can rev up the crowd better with his rocker style (but there is a danger of him going off-tune as he challenges a lot of high tones).
Past champions' blind auditions performance results
Season 1's Liang Bo: 1 turn during blind auditions by Na Ying
Season 2's Li Qi: 4 turns during blind auditions
Season 3's Zhang Bi Chen: 4 turns during blind auditions

Voice of China Season 4 Episode 13 Finale Prelude (Winner Predictions!)
I hereby emphasize that predictions above are speculations... I don't have any insider information. I have also scoured most places but no... there aren't any reliable sources confirming any 'internally fixed' championship so I guess we just have to watch it ;) I'm so excited!

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  1. 欲水 means Desirous Water (or Water of Desire) is soundtrack of 1998 Chinese movie - Xiu Xiu the sent down girl :) The song is based on the tragedy of the girl in this movie, wandering away from home to be a rural labor following the call of Culture Revolution in Chinese in the previous period. She got a lot of trouble and really miss and do anything to come back home even exchanging by her virginity but she realize that she is just like a puppet being trampled by others. Finally, after miscarriaging, she committed suicide.
    A sad song about the regret for her tragedy: "The water of desire given to us by the heavens, however we drinks, we learn nothing" (Lyrics)


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