Melbourne: Autumn snowflakes at Macedon

Autumn, season of sun, winds and beauties.

I can never decide which is my favourite season of the year, especially coming from all-year-round summer Singapore, but experiencing autumn in its entirety in Melbourne is such a visual treat. Sunshine, winds, orange hues, and best of all, lounging outside feels like a natural air-conditioner... except you get a good flow of fresh oxygen. Talk about reconnectin' with nature, yo.

I'm about to feed my wanderlust in a different city again, and am feeling guilty about not updating this space as often as I should... so I'll leave you with some pretty pictures of autumn snowflakes at Macedon for now. It's going to be the first of three posts, not because it'll get too long, but because I am running out of time to post this.

Definitely the fanciest and most prepared picnic ever in my life, with so much drool-worthy sandwiches, roasted chicken, macarons and all! Fruits are mostly props for pops of colors... did we even eat them? I think we did...

So blessed to be surrounded by the little beauties nature has to offer.

More autumn snowflakes...
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