Melbourne: Forest Glade Gardens at Macedon

Don't go leaf-picking without me!

I know, I am backlogging so much it's embarrassing, but here's one continuing from the previous post on autumn snowflakes at Macedon. It's time to cram for exams right now in my life, aptly for the module of Sociology of Tourism, so I guess reminiscing about past travels work the same as mugging? Right on, procrastinator. Macedon is a host of just effortlessly 360-degrees drop-dead gorgeousness scenery especially in the autumn, and trust me when I got these pictures by randomly snapping from my perspective with no additional conscious work to make it look 'artistic'. Imagine what you could do with a bit more skill than me. Of course, for those who aren't interested in photography, you can always walk through this magical land and enjoy leaves pitter-pattering on your head.

Forest Glade Gardens - entry fee is AUD8, which I found to be worth it, especially it is a place where you can really lounge for the whole day, have your picnic in there, have tons of photoshoot opportunities (and I mean tonsss!). I am lazy to caption the following pictures, but they document my experience at Macedon :)

Lexi, my bestie from Melbourne  

Autumn always has sad connotations but I guess Macedon really changed it for me.. if you're ever dropping by Melbourne in the autumn (March-May), it is a lovely place to enjoy the vibrant colours.
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