Melbourne: Pho Hung Vuong

Best pho in the world (as of what I've tried).

I wish I can be a pho tester connoisseur - if there's such a job opening, I'll take it right away (impending jobless fresh graduate alert /waves hand). Because I would love to see that bowl of pho that can actually beat the one at Pho Hung Vuong, my favourite pho in the world.

I took a selfie with my favouritest bowl of pho in the world. I have no regrets left.

If you're in Melbourne, you have to try it at least once. The pho is silkier than silk and the beef slices are excellently medium-rare, tender and flavourful, I couldn't stop eating the moment I started. I finished a small-bowl (which is as small as a face basin) on my own. Although getting a medium-bowl and sharing with someone is a cheaper and viable option in terms of fullness, I recommend getting a small bowl for yourself for maximum satisfaction. A tray of Vietnamese spring rolls go very well with the pho too. These are easily better than the ones in Vietnam itself, because I guess Australian beef is much more intense in taste and tender in texture. Sydney's Bo 7 Mon Thanh Tam comes really close as a second, but well.. Pho Hung Vuong is better. It is located within Little Saigon/ Footscray, so you can really get a somewhat authentic experience even though you're not in the country itself.
Pho Hung Vuong
128 Hopkins Street
Footscray VIC 3011

Opening hours
Daily: 0900 - 2030

+61 3 9689 6002

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