Melbourne: Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee Roaster

Carlton's must-visit.

I knew about Seven Seeds way before I arrived in Melbourne, it always seemed as though everyone who has been to the city as a tourist has to stop at this cafe because apparently, it is the place to go if you want to know what hipster in Australia looks like. But then again, just about every other major cafe in Melbourne looks, serves and dishes out coffee as awesome as those from Seven Seeds.

Why is it named Seven Seeds?
"Seven Seeds takes its name from the precious cargo which Baba Budan smuggled out of Yemen and into India during the 17th century. By strapping seven seeds of fertile coffee to his waist, he broke through the tightly regulated system which had, until then, kept coffee cultivation within the confines of the Arabic world. Because of Baba Budan and his determination to spread coffee around the world, we are now able to source beans from the Americas, Africa and Asia."

This probably won't work as a complete review given that we only tried one out of the seventeen selections: the most delicious-sounding Brioche french toast with blood plum curd, stone fruit and vanilla labne (AUD16)... yes I know I ordered it without truly understanding some of those terms, but you know I trust the cafes around here too much. Because they deserve my trust, the french toast was piping hot, with a toasty crispy exterior, and a cushy creamy interior, together with the sweet and fresh blood plum curd and a touch of sourness from the vanilla labne, everything just comes together nicely in a plate.

A helpful glossary of terms which I googled for
- Labne: greek yogurt
- Stone fruit: drupe
Some flowering plants that produce drupes are coffee, jujube, mango, olive, most palms (including date, sabal, coconut and oil palms), pistachio, white sapote, and all members of the genus Prunus, including the almond (in which the mesocarp is somewhat leathery), apricot, cherry, damson, nectarine, peach, and plum

Both the Mocha (AUD4) and Mork Hot Chocolate (AUD4.5) are characteristically more intense than other coffees from elsewhere. I'm not a coffee connoisseur so I can't tell you exactly why, but from a layman's point of view, it is slightly acidic in a way that's still very enjoyable. It's not my favourite, but it is worth going to try it because coffee is after all a very personal choice.

This is the menu of Seven Seeds.

Seven Seeds
106-114 Berkeley Street
Carlton VIC 3053

Opening hours
Mon - Sat: 0700 - 1700
Sun: 0800 - 1700

+61 3 9347 8664
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