Singapore: Monster Curry

Breathe fire, tasty tasty fire.

It's been some time since Monster Curry opened in Jurong Point (aka. the best shopping mall in the West and the reason why Westies don't go to town anymore), but I think queues are still forming for this extremely eye-catching fiery red Japanese curry store! If you have trouble finding it... just know it's somewhere beside Starbucks ;)

You know how Singaporeans absolutely love new things, new shops, new shopping malls? Same goes for Monster Curry, which saw snaking queues for the first few two weeks of its opening. Unsurprisingly, I joined the queue (after days of badgering people to eat it with me), and had to wait 40 minutes before getting a booth. Luckily, our order of the Combo Curry (SGD25) of Level 1 came pretty quickly. It was humongous; it was practically the size of a face basin! There was pork katsu, fried fish, pork shabu-shabu, shrimp tempura and cheese, and then we added an omelette as a topping. It wasn't that spicy, and level 1 came in the form of a heart-shaped chilli on top of the Japanese curry, so you could easily order Level 5, mix as you go along when you don't think it's spicy enough. The curry was lovely and very fragrant. All of the components were obviously freshly prepared and cooked, I love especially the fried fish and shrimp tempura which had super crispy and thin batter and generous in the meat itself. Three hungry people finished it easily. Would I go again? Yes. Beware, it is addictive!

Monster Curry
Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2 #03-57
Singapore 648331

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