Singapore: Sungei Road Laksa 结霜桥叻沙

You can laksa in many ways, but this is the charcoal-powered way.

Singapore: Sungei Road Laksa 结霜桥叻沙

Power lah. Laksa is a very specific local food: spicy, lemak-coconut rich, piquant, fiery delicious slurping soup with smooth noodles. It's not an everyday thing to develop a craving for, until you catch a whiff of charcoal-powered laksa. It is everywhere in the atmosphere around Sungei Road Laksa, and practically an aroma appetizer - if there is ever such a thing. This is my one of the stops with Roy on our noodle trail and the awesome fragrance in the air just perks us up immediately.

Singapore: Sungei Road Laksa 结霜桥叻沙

Am I late to the game for trying out Sungei Road Laksa only after twenty-two years of existence on this island? I can only say that this definitely goes into the list of food that I hold dear to my heart (and my brain will occasionally conjure it up in the depths of the night).

Singapore: Sungei Road Laksa 结霜桥叻沙

Rather than a city that never sleeps, Singapore is a city that never stops eating. Really, there are people eating everywhere regardless of the time of the day. That's probably why even at two in the afternoon, the folks at Sungei Road Laksa are still super busy with their duties at the stall - replenishing the charcoal, scooping out delicious laksa into their iconic pink bowls. Sharp eyes or regulars would notice they've upped their pricing from $2 to $3 a bowl. 

Singapore: Sungei Road Laksa 结霜桥叻沙

No chopsticks, just spoons. Like 368 Katong Laksa's, they've chopped up the noodles to make it easier to eat... which is really a smart way to do it because I definitely cannot resist slowing down on this one! This bowl from Sungei Road Laksa has got a creamy coconut base, chock full of cockles, shrimps, and fishcake, making it really lavish with the taste of the oceans. Mouthwatering just to think about it... the spiciness level is not overpowering but remains apparent, very manageable and enjoyable. It is a good representative of what laksa should be.

Sungei Road Laksa
27 Jalan Berseh #01-100
Singapore 200027

Opening hours
Daily: 0900 - 1800

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