X'MAS CHEERS: Street 50 Restaurant & Bar Christmas Buffet (Bay Hotel)

Bejewelled Christmas by the bay

Are you ready for a merry feasting time? Yes, the countdown is on for Christmas and if you haven't made plans yet to stuff yourselves silly, you can check out the line-up of seafood and festive staples made by Street 50 Restaurant & Bar for this Christmas season from 24 December 2015 to 2 January 2016.
Entering Street 50 Restaurant & Bar, the first impression was its quiet elegance decked in dark tones and wood accents, with corners and booths for intimate gatherings for friends and family. A long table is available for larger groups. The buffet spread locates itself prominently in the centre, making it easy to reach and refill your plates to your hearts' content.

We kicked off the feast with the Salmon Carpacio with Coriander and Pinenut Vinaigrette, delightful pops that packs a flavourful punch, a refreshing and tasty appetizer that preps you for more.

The showstopper of the night were these Smoked Oyster and Crab Cake, tantalizingly golden pieces that were generous with oyster and crab meat, topped with tangy papaya salsa! Advice: Grab as many of these, because it is SO popular.

Will you dig into this Black Pepper Alaskan Crab Claw with Gingko Nut for some succulent crab meat? It is bursting with crab meat, so it is easy to enjoy crab here without an arms workout! The black pepper sauce really got me reaching for it again and again. Its peppery spiciness lingers as an aftertaste, which I paired up with the Seafood Paella which erred on the side of being dry and tasteless.

These Canadian Bay Scallops with Tomato Essence were the most photogenic of the lot, a juicy pop of scallop accompanied with carrots, radish and pickles. These are fuss-free to eat, so I'd imagine reaching for it endlessly on buffets ;) Stack those shells up!

The Turkey Breast is a must-have for Christmas parties, so Street 50 Bar & Restaurant has ensured that you won't miss this integral part of the festive season of course! The Turkey Breast was on the drier side, but it is harder to maintain moisture on turkey as opposed to other types of meats, so I guess it can be pardoned with its two innovative sauces - the coriander cucumber and the pineapple salsa! Both are extremely interesting on the senses, with the coriander cucumber being surprisingly delicious and good with the turkey breast. I would think something so green wouldn't be that appealing, but it is the complete opposite of what I thought it would be. The pineapple salsa is slightly spicy and tingly, fruity with sweet and sour notes.

If you're looking for your sweet ending to a buffet, grab an Iced Chocolate and the Crepe Suzette. The Crepe Suzette had its crepe soaked in a sauce full with tangs of mandarin orange zest, which proved to be a love-it-or-hate-it sort of dessert. The Iced Chocolate, on the other hand, would probably hit the right notes with most people around, resembling the local favourite drink Milo but with a stronger chocolate taste.
Festive Buffet Dinner
24 & 31 December 2015: $68++ per person, $32++ per child (aged 6-12)
25 & 26 December 2015, 1 & 2 January 2016: $58++ per person, $28++ per child (aged 6-12)

Reservations can be made at 68186681.

Street 50 Restaurant & Bar Christmas Buffet
50 Telok Blangah Road
Singapore 098828

Opening hours
Daily: 0600-1000; 1200-1500; 1800-2200


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