Johor Bahru: Chaiwalla & Co.

What is it with this container cafe that stopped me in my tracks? I guess it's how the kind folks can actually deal with that unbearable tropical heat and still serve some very good iced milk tea in the midst. Do you know that Chaiwalla & Co. is the first container cafe in Malaysia?
When you're on Jalan Tan Hiok Nee of Johor Bahru, also known as the hipster lane of the city, it's unlikely that you'll miss Chaiwalla & Co., sitting right smack in the middle. It is the best that I've found in the vicinity. Oh the glee when everyone was staring enviously at my mega cup of milk tea. Now you know where to find it. A cup in my hand, there's nothing I can't conquer.

[Update on 5/2/2017] Chaiwalla & Co. now has a much better roof to shield you from the sun. About time.]


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