Melbourne: Charlie's Dumplings

Somehow along the way, Charlie's Dumplings fell into my radar. More specifically, I was gunning for this exotic dessert creation - milk chocolate dumplings with raspberry chilli sorbet.


If you ever drop by Prahran, don't forget to drop a vsit and check out my favourite dessert that I found in Melbourne. I have no idea what to expect - I only scribbled 'chocolate dumplings from Charlie's' on my list, but was quite taken aback to hear that I was about to try 'raspberry chilli sorbet'.
Oh, where will my adventures take me?
Nothing really faze me, especially in the desserts department. And to my surprise, the raspberry chilli sorbet really works. The spiciness comes as a subtle aftertaste, creating a special oomph. The dumplings are fried on the outside, not heavy on the palate and the melted milk chocolate burst through the dumpling skin upon eating. The best way to enjoy this dessert is to add a 1:1 ratio of sorbet to the dumplings... as told by one of the service staff at Charlie's.


Charlie's Dumplings
184 High Street Windsor
VIC 3181

Opening hours
Mon to Wed: 1730 - 2130
Thurs to Sat: 1200 - 1500; 1730 - 2200
Sun: 1200 - 1500; 1730 - 2130

03 9510 4213


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