Melbourne: Chuckle Park Bar & Cafe

If you are planning to go on a food trail in Melbourne, you will find that there are simply too many places to go to. I had a realization too late - instead of going down a list to finish 'every notable dish you must try if you've been to Melbourne' (this will take approximately 5.28 years of daily food trails), I should try out the specific dishes that I am craving for... and going for the best that the city can offer. When you arrive at Chuckles Park Bar & Cafe, you should be expecting the best pulled pork roll at only AUD11.

The pathway to finding the best pulled pork roll (more like a burger, actually) is never easy. I don't say this for cinematic effect but yes, it was literally quite elusive. The entrance is narrow, and the cafe-bar looks like an abandoned back alley... I almost missed it until I spotted the white illuminated sign of its name.
It became really cool from then on.
Terrariums hung right above my head. The order counter is in a caravan of some sort, and looked lived-in. I got the pulled pork roll/burger and eased myself into one of the tall stools. My short Asian legs couldn't even reach the ground here.
Pulled pork roll.. yay or nay? I say... 100% yes, yes, yes! It looks like the most normal burger but the pulled pork was so wet, tender yet chewy, I couldn't believe it was pork. It was thoroughly marinated with savoury and spicy sauce. The overall texture of the burger (I can't call it a roll, anymore) was very interesting as well, with crunchy fragrant bits of walnuts, freshly cut apple cabbage slaw, cheese, squeezed between the pair of buttered toasted buns.
I haven't tried every single pulled pork rolls around, but I would say... to top the one from Chuckle Park Bar & Cafe would be really hard, especially at this value. Try this when you're in Melbourne.
Chuckle Park Bar & Cafe322 Little Collins Street
Opening hoursDaily: 1200 - 0100
Contact+6139650 4494


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