Singapore: Dim Sum Tapas Buffet at Bao Today, Hotel Rendezvous

Dim Sum Tapas Buffet with Bao Today

Dim sum buffets, all day everyday - possible right at the homely and classy new Bao Today, on the first floor of Hotel Rendezvous. It has taken the foodie world by storm with its extremely value-for-money buffet prices and not to mention - over 40 items on their dim sum menu that'll surely satiate your appetite. What is the dim sum tapas experience like? What are the hits and misses? Read on:


Dim Sum Tapas Buffet Prices

I would usually put the prices right at the end of the post, but I can't wait:
Weekday (Monday - Thursday)High Tea (1500 - 1700) - $16.80++ for Adults; $12.80++ for Children
Dinner (1800 - 2000 | 2000 - 2200) - $19.80++ for Adults; $15.80++ for Children
Weekends (Friday - Sunday) + Public Holidays + Eve of Public HolidaysHigh Tea (1500 - 1700) - $19.80++ for Adults; $15.80++ for Children
Dinner (1800 - 2000 | 2000 - 2200) - $22.80++ for Adults; $19.80++ for Children
Children is defined as aged 7 years old and below.

What is the Dim Sum Tapas Buffet experience about?

  1. With a range of 40 over dim sum items on their menu, you'll never get bored of your buffet at Bao Today. The conscientious team behind Bao Today tells us that this menu is constantly being revised to ensure that everything on the menu is what their customers love to feast on.
  2. You don't have to go through the trouble of flipping the menu. The awesome Bao Today service crew will make their rounds, bringing you their hot favourites, recommending what they love. It was truly comforting and enjoyable, with one of the crew reminding me of an eager grandma to feed her grandchildren all the goodies in the world.
  3. You don't have to eat all three hargows in a basket if you want more variety (I know you ;)) You can simply tell them exactly how many - 1 salted egg yolk bun, 1 har gow, 1 siew mai and 1 char siew bao? No problem - this reduces food wastage and ensures maximum enjoyment at the buffet!
  4. Freshness guaranteed - Bao Today literally means they do all their dim sum on the day itself.

What is the best dim sum to try at Bao Today?

We Singaporeans love to strategize our stomach space whenever we go for buffets, because pragmatism and rationality runs in our blood. As with every other buffet, some are worth more to try than others. There are hits and misses and Bao Today - as they promise, they will remove the less popular ones and come up with ingenious new dishes to replace them, but meanwhile, there are enough delicious choices to keep you full and happy.

Hit: 'Abalone slices' and pickled jellyfish

This pairing is commonly seen at Chinese weddings, but Bao Today does it so much better than most hotels, possibly because they insist on freshness. The 'abalone slices' are delicious, chewy, and the perfect appetizer because it really whets the appetite and prepares your stomach for more to come.

Hit: Steamed pork ribs

If you can overlook how troublesome it is to eat it, the steamed pork ribs here is done to succulent, well-marinated and tender goodness, and worth every space in your tummy.

Hit: Har gow & siew mai

You almost always see these dim sum best friends going hand in hand all the time... and at Bao Today, these are the star performers. While the har gow's skin was slightly thicker than desirable, the freshness and chewiness of the prawns in there really shines through. The siew mais are one of the best I've had, and I am definitely not surprised that the boss at Bao Today introduced this unassuming dish with such pride. There is no musky smell of the wonton skin like how most places would have, and the pork used was so bouncy and fragrant, together with the prawn, it's done very well.

Hit: Prawn fritters

These prawn fritters are beautifully fragrant and fried to a crisp, with juicy prawns stuffed in there. I wasn't expecting to like any of the fried items because I generally dislike fried food, but this.. this is an exception for sure.

Hit: Salted egg yolk custard bun

It is no secret love of mine, or anyone's for that matter. Ever since humankind learnt about custard buns, there has been a marked proliferation of these lovely buns across the planet. The salted egg yolk custard buns here are wrapped in fluffy pandan - distinctively so - bao, and the thick buttery salted egg custard flows. I wished I had more stomach space to eat this, because this was fantastic.

Hit: Scallop prawn dumplings

Scallops and prawns? SET IT DOWN ON THE TABLE YO. I think this one needs no introduction nor hesitation, because by this time of the buffet, we've all acknowledged how fresh their ingredients, particular the prawns and scallops, were.

Hit: Prawn chee cheong fun

Just the prawn version though; the char siew chee cheong fun didn't score as well.

Hit: Nonya sauce steamed codfish

Hands down my favourit-est of the lot (I say this because I was beginning to have too many favourite dishes) - the cod fish was so light, smooth and tender in its taste and texture, but the sauce was piquant, sour, sweet, spicy, with a touch of lemongrass... it was so addictive I actually found myself reaching for this again and again.. without shame.

Hit: Charsiew buns

I just realized I don't have a proper picture of these lovely charsiew buns, but they are pretty good and worth a go even though they seemed so space-inefficient.
We are divided on the pork chop - I personally didn't enjoy it because it was quite tough and dry, but most of them liked it a lot. Maybe it was that particular piece that I had. I shan't elaborate too much on the rest of the misses, basically everything else that weren't mentioned were not particularly outstanding. Not that they are terrible, but only because it is a buffet and you know, strategy! As ambitious as I was, I really couldn't eat everything as much as I tried... :( Go ahead and venture into the unknown, especially to your favourite dim sum items that I've not featured.
They do have a lot of items on the menu and if you're unsure if there's any particular item you wanted, just ask one of the super friendly service crew. My personal recommendation is to definitely order those that I've pointed out as HITS because you really shouldn't miss those... don't leave any regrets, y'all. And maybe you can go upstairs and sing karaoke at Teoheng after the buffet - because that's already on the cards of my future schedule. That's how you enjoy life, yo. ;)
Bao TodayHotel Rendezvous
9 Bras Basah #01-02
Singapore 189559
Opening hoursDaily: 1000 - 2200
Contact6336 5258


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