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What a time to be alive! The first Vietnamese BBQ and hotpots in Singapore at Lang Nuong Vietnam has landed on Foch Road... and dinners (or suppers, for you night owls) really cannot get more satisfying than grilled meats dipped in tantalizing spicy and savoury sauces, juicy prawns, squid and beer! Despite being run by Singaporeans, Lang Nuong has already achieved their stamps of approval from Vietnamese tourists and expats working here as well as fellow Singaporeans.

What is it like in Lang Nuong?

I have been missing the land of pho ever since I returned. From the moment I entered Lang Nuong, all the memories came flooding back. From the low silver tables and chairs (imported from Vietnam for 100% authenticity), to the road signs - Bui Vien, Cho Lon, Ben Thanh - and the whole shelf of Vietnamese cuisine ingredients... it was as if I teleported right back to the country I love so much.
Although this post is to introduce to you their Vietnamese hotpots and BBQ, Lang Nuong will indulge your other Viet cravings like the delectable, refreshing bahn mi and piping hot comforting phos as well. You can say it's like the one-stop shop for all things Vietnamese.


Vietnamese hotpots at Lang Nuong

Lang Nuong has an easy-to-understand system if you're having both the hotpots and BBQ together (recommended for bigger groups so you'll have variety) - the elongated trays are meant for the hotpot and round trays are for the grill. The hotpot requires much less attention as compared to the BBQ, because you simply throw the ingredients in and wait for it to cook. For a smaller group (2-4 pax), I would say that the Vietnamese hotpot is a good choice because you can focus much more on conversations while letting the meats and seafood simmer in the soup broth.
The charcoal fire that was used to boil their uniquely fresh clams lemongrass soup broth made the taste much more full-bodied even from the beginning. This is different from the usual hotpots or steamboats in restaurants that use induction cooking. As we threw in more ingredients like shitake and enoki mushrooms ❤, prawns, chicken and pork.. the soup became so unprecedentedly delicious and appetizing I had four bowls of the soup even after I was full.
Top-ups are always available, so drink all the soup you want! The service at Lang Nuong is very prompt and attentive, and the service staff are always walking around so it's quite easy to catch their attention.
Pricing - SGD18.90 (1/2pax), SGD36.90 (2/3pax)
The set includes

Meat and seafood
- Pork collar slices
- Pork belly slices
- Chicken thigh
- Fresh squid rings
- Fresh prawns
Vegetable basket
- Cabbage
- Shitake mushrooms
- Golden mushrooms
- Ladyfingers
- Crabsticks
- Chicken sausages
If this set is not enough for your growling stomachs, you can add-on more from the ala carte or premium meat platter or seafood menu.

Beers and coffees at Lang Nuong

For the full Vietnamese experience at Lang Nuong, there is Saigon Bia, Saigon Bia Special, 333, and even Vietnamese drip coffee in here. Of course I couldn't expect 5,000 VND beers anymore since these beers took a plane over to Singapore. You can still opt for the wallet-friendly teas that are good at cleansing the palate while you indulge in the feast.

Vietnamese barbeque at Lang Nuong

Similar to the hotpots, Lang Nuong do it the charcoal-fired way. Brownie points for its authenticity and that smoky, mouthwatering texture it gives to the meat? Priceless. The meats are all extremely tender - I loved the chicken skewers especially! Each skewer range from SGD1.40 to SGD2.50 depending on what you order. The mushrooms also retained its moisture even after being on the grill.
Special mention goes to the squid rings which are amazingly juicy, non-rubbery texture, and easy to bite... I surely didn't expect to find such good squid rings in the middle of a Vietnamese BBQ, it was such a treasure to find - they do it much better than many restaurants around. Please get the squid rings (❤)!
The service staff changed the metal grill very often and efficiently, without us even asking. I guess it's usual practice at Lang Nuong as I spied them doing this for other tables too.

Sweet endings

We finished off the meal with the caramel pudding with coffee, which looked rather humble but it definitely could hold its own as a good dessert. The pudding was firm yet melty, and the coffee complemented it so well. The boss from Lang Nuong sure knows how to make his customers' tastebuds tick.
Thank you Yong Chuen for extending the invitation and Dezmond for hosting us at Lang Nuong.
Lang Nuong Vietnam18 Foch Road
Singapore 209260
Opening hoursDaily: 1200 - 2300


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