Singapore: Loylum Thai Boat Noodles

Thai Boat Noodles (kuai-tiao-ruea) became really popular in Singapore during the third quarter of 2015. I haven't tried any around the island yet despite at least ten different locations sprouting up. During our noodle trail around Little India and Lavender, Roy introduced Loylum Thai Boat Noodles to me.

It is an interesting concept in which you can order many small bowls of noodles with a choice of beef, pork, chicken or vegetarian. I appreciated a lot because it means lesser food wastage and there are a variety of flavours to enjoy in one seating. What's more, is it just me or food simply taste better in small portions?
Their noodle broth is very rich with the meaty and herbal taste, which makes the bowl very appetizing even though I was already pretty full from our previous noodle stops ;)
You can add on a Thai Egg for a dollar.
I cannot deny it - I love Thai Milk Teas (yes, even though it nearly killed me in Bangkok - more on that /soon/). It is not the best here (I love the ones at Aroy Dee and Ah Loy Thai), but I would say it's quite good.
They have Durian Chendol here as well. Are you grimacing at the thought of it or are your eyes lit up with excitement? Advice: Chomp through it fast while the concoction is still icy cold.. otherwise it won't be enjoyable anymore.
There is a TV playing some pretty rad Thai songs, one of which was Timethai. I couldn't get rid of the tune from my head for days.
Loylum Thai Boat Noodles
45 Sam Leong Road
Singapore 207935
Opening hoursDaily: 1000-2300


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