Ho Chi Minh City, from the plane

Hello, Vietnam. Hello Ho Chi Minh City! 

I'm here for a half-assed update because I'm pretty miffed about writing academically for the past 10,000 words, so yeah. Still slogging away for my final semester project, unfortunately... but it seems there are people checking in here to see if I've any updates so I'll just do a quick one! :) I've been meaning to start my travelogue for Vietnam (4 August - 13 August '15) for a long time, but life took over and I couldn't break away. So... let's start! I'm actually just putting my photos up in chronological order, and showing you what I've seen. 

The last 30 minutes of my plane ride to Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport, overseeing the amazing meandering Mekong River. It's surreal... I mean coming from Singapore, where all the rivers are actually concretized and somewhat fake, seeing natural rivers is such a refreshing change.

A friend asked me, 'How is it that you can fall in love with every city that you go?'

I wonder how impossible that would be. Every city, every town, every corner of our civilization (or non-civilization) is tucked away with little brilliant surprises, lessons, peace and excitement. And occasionally, shocks and heart attacks, but those are worth cherishing too. What's life without some ups and downs, and travelling is really those ups and downs - condensed.

The gigantic shadow is that of our plane's, isn't that amazing?! Every single time I get this fear that the plane I'm on will prematurely crash into these little tiny boxes on the ground, because... 'oh my god we are too near to them!!!' Aaaand we landed safely. Ho Chi Minh, get ready for us! I'll be back soon with the next cluster of photos. :)

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