Why 3D Nails is different from any other nail parlour + CNY 2016 price list

1. Manicures are long-lasting here.

The number one reason why I don't do manicures: I'm afraid they will chip off after a few days. 
Ladies, am I right? This practical reason is why I chose the plain ol' path of untamed nails. But I realized this worry is unduly after I did a manicure with 3D Nails, my nail sponsor. Although it is part of our collaboration to write this post, I will give an objective and factual review on this set of nails. 

I'm writing this post exactly after a week of activity after I did my manicure, and it remains very fresh, as if I just stepped out of the nail parlour. Activities including: frequent dish-washing, hair-washing, and handling of camera knobs (which I was afraid would scratch it as there is direct friction against metal). Nothing too crazy, very ordinary everyday activity that is a good representation of what you will go through anyway.

One of 3D Nails's customers even reportedly managed to keep her 3D nail art intact for 10 weeks! You can see how far her nails have grown since here. Generally, it should last at least 4 weeks.

2. Adorable, creative and interesting hand-drawn nail art designs

My manicurist, Janet, is a genius at hand-drawing nail art regardless how tiny your nails and your color-pairing requests! Yes, she drew everything on my nails - none of it is nail stickers. If you're clueless about what looks good on your nails (like me), leave everything to her to choose for you, that's alright too. I didn't think I can pull off a super girly look on my hands, but I guess professionals will know what looks good on you more than yourself.

Of course you can choose any design from the template or even suggest it to Janet, just show her a picture on your phone and leave it to her professional service to complete your #nailgoals and #naildreams

3. No more toasted fingers.

If you don't do gelish manicures or pedicures that often, you might not realize that the nail dryers some salons use can cause the skin of your fingers around your nails to darken. That is because they use UV light to dry your nails, which is nearly equivalent to exposing your fingers under the sun for a concentrated amount of time. That's a big no-no especially for ladies who are concerned about maintaining a polished look. I mean... what's the point of beautifying your nails only to have dark fingers? 

3D Nails is committed to ensuring an overall perfect look for you and ensuring your health is not compromised. That's why they use the LED gelish fast-drying machines instead that will not cause darkening of your fingers and unnecessary UV exposure!

This machine is very efficient and easy to slip in and out. The whole process of doing nail art here was very smooth and fast with this machine too.


4. UV sterilizing of tools.
Not all nail parlours sterilize their equipment, but 3D Nails do it in a transparent and conscientious manner with a UV sterilizer machine. This ensures good hygiene and cleanliness, so you can rest your worries as you enjoy your manicure and pedicure with them.


5. Enjoy 10% off nail art and free nail treatment worth $12 when you quote my name ('Amie')
3D Nails is a nail parlour that I will definitely recommend as a reliable place for relaxing manicure and pedicure. Manicures, especially gelish, usually cause brittle nails but 3D Nails offer a three-step service (base coat, top coat, nail tip primer)with a formula rich in vitamin so you can do consecutive gelish manicures without any compromise on your nail health.


CNY price list for 3D Nails - non-package holders

10% off
Nail art - usual price at $8/ nail
 (pictured: designs on thumb, ring finger)
Usually done in conjunction with a classic/gelish service.

31/1 - 4/2/2016

$98 for mani/pedi set

- Gel manicure + soak off
- Gel pedicure + soak off
- Gel nail treatment (If you quote 'Amie')

$20 for express manicure
$38 for classic manicure

$40 for express gelish manicure
$58 for gelish manicure
$28 for express pedicure
$48 for classic pedicure
$55 for express gelish pedicure
$78 for gelish pedicure + 10% off nail art + gel nail treatment (If you quote 'Amie')

5/2 - 6/2/2016

$98 for mani/pedi set
- Gel manicure + soak off
- Gel express pedicure + soak off
- Gel nail treatment (If you quote 'Amie')

$20 for express manicure
$45 for classic manicure

$48 for express gelish manicure
$68 for gelish manicure
$28 for express pedicure
$58 for classic pedicure
$48 for express gelish pedicure
$78 for gelish pedicure

 + 10% off nail art + gel nail treatment (If you quote 'Amie')

Package holders enjoy around $10 cheaper per service,

3D Nails
132 Jurong Gateway Road #01-277
Singapore 600132


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