6 reasons for your next shopping trip (as if you'll need more)

The wardrobe is an ever-hungry monster to feed.
We've come to the end of the first quarter of 2016. Is your new year resolution to save money? Definitely impossible with so many gorgeous things out there to buy and collect, especially for college students out there... one of the worst feelings is trying to not get caught wearing the same outfit in the same week. The life without a salary and surrounded by endless temptations is too difficult to handle! The next solution: Find a way to make things cheaper than they really are...

Charlotte Russe
That little white dress that's been missing from your wardrobe. An instant mood-boost and perfect for any occasion. I mean, every. occasion. ever.

Charlotte Russe
Streetwear for your casual girls' day out - you know the abundance of OOTD opportunities when you and your girls gather, and the rest have already made their appearance on Instagram... /cues sad face

Get that shiny dress that will make you the centre of attention in the next upcoming formal event. These dresses are the worst - they are too memorable to re-wear until three years later, but you know seasons come and go and wearing something passe makes you cringe.

The trick to #squadgoals - you have to plan (why else would they always be dressed in the same theme of colours?), or leave it to mind-reading.

Ann Taylor
Nudes, peach pinks - these flattering pantones will definitely up your sophistication factor. Aren't they pretty? These are the versatile pieces that you literally grab and go on days you're too lazy to decide what to wear.

Your life and wallet saver. Here, I introduce to you Groupon Coupons which will save you from endless torturous moments. This latest addition to the Groupon family will be the icing on the cake: Groupon Coupons. This e-commerce giant has tied up deals with nearly 10,000 different brands - yes, the power of the Groupon name to bring you 64,000 coupons and growing. This will be your best companion to your online shopping experience because it's sales all day, everyday.

Shopping will be sweeter with Groupon CouponsNever checkout of an online site without some percentages off your receipt... your favourite clothes brands like ASOS - with even up to 35% off the picture-perfect dresses at Charlotte Russe and makeup at Kohl's. There are so many stores available on Groupon Coupons that no other coupon website could rival, so get in there and check if your next online shopping website has some coupons that you can use (store directory here!).


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