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When it comes to living life, there are always so many reasons to put off doing the big things. Whether it's taking the plunge and buying a house, quitting your job and finding a new one, or even just deciding to go and explore the world, we always make excuses as to why today's not the day, and some other day is instead! Whilst finances, commitments and people close to us in our lives are all very real things, if we kept finding reasons not to do things then we'd always be stuck in a rut. So, why is it a better idea to just go for it, whatever "it" may be?

You'll Feel Way More Confident
Once you get the hang of the spontaneous life, you'll get used to it super quickly! Once you start living a more active life and really living to the fullest, you'll feel more positive. That in turn should lead to more great things - it's just a never-ending positive circle! 

You'll Feel Up On Your Luck
Why does it always seem like confident, happy people have all the luck? Well, it may be because they actually do! You've got to be in it to win it as they say, and if you're hanging around on the sidelines, nothing good is going to happen. Try a practice run! You can start small and take little gambles (you can win at pokies online in just a click, for example), but when you move away from the physical gambling onto the more metaphorical sense, that's when things get really interesting.
​Sure, you're probably not meant to hang around outside that band's tour bus after a show (and there's no need to be a stalker), but what if you're invited for drinks with rock stars? What if that trip to LA gets you invited to a Hollywood party? The list is endless, and you'll never be up on your luck unless you're there for good things to fall at your feet.

You'll Be More Worldly
Whether your plan is to see more of the world physically or just gain more life experience, starting to get braver and more adventurous with your life choices can really only ever be a great thing. If you've never stepped outside of your comfort zone, now is the time to try.
When you see the world, your eyes will open to different cultures and experiences, all whilst having the time of your life. Sure, there will be tough times, but it will all be worth it in the long run.
Of course, it's not all just about fun and games. Making daring life choices and living for the moment can actually benefit you in conventional senses too, bizarrely. Employers love to see people who are truly well-travelled, not just perpetual vacationers. If you're not able to be a world-traveller, someone with an edge will get far in life. 

The nights you stayed home and did nothing won't make memories. Make sure you've got a story to tell by always being up for creating one! 

Harriet Goodman
Harriet is a writer and mum of one originally from the UK. She first visited Melbourne on her gap year many years ago and has returned several times since then. The Melbourne Cup is one of her favourite activities.


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