Melbourne, Coburg: Half Moon Cafe

I was in Coburg, a little suburb slightly north of Melbourne city for an afternoon of exploration. Curiosity had led me here - one of the trams (55) near my place always had Coburg as its final stops and I always wondered what was here in this super understated suburb. My experience with most Melbourne suburbs had been generally pleasant - each had their own character, markets, shops... interesting in their own ways. Why not Coburg?

I was looking for something to eat around Coburg at the same time, and Half Moon Cafe was a recommendation from an Instagram friend @montstargram. He is a Melbourne local and locals' recommendations are always the best because they know exactly what's the best. 


At this point in my Melbourne travelogues which I'm nearly backlogging for a year, I only want to feature those that I think deserve a shoutout and share, so yes, Half Moon is one of them. The Egyptian-style falafels at Half Moon Cafe certainly did not disappoint, and in fact has ruined falafels for me because where on earth do I find such awesome falafels ever again in my life?!! I've got to go back specifically to Half Moon to get those for sure. I got the Half Moon Falafel (AUD7.50). It was very delicious and succulent, made with broad beans - different from the chickpeas Middle Eastern sort which I find requires more of an acquired taste - and altogether, an appetizing mix of all the different ingredients including pickles and olives. I usually hate olives but for some strange reason I found every bite of this just perfect. It's been voted Melbourne's best, and if you haven't, it's worth going for even though Coburg is just a simple residential suburb. You won't want to miss this.
Half Moon Cafe
13 Victoria Street
VIC 3058


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