Melbourne, Richmond: Shizuku Ramen

Richmond is one of the suburbs I find myself going back repeatedly because it is the place to get the best pork ribs. (Oh no, auntie alert indeed) And cheapest groceries (Minh Phat Supermarket). And my favourite thrift store (Salvos Store at Victoria Street). What happens when I see a ramen place at the neighbourhood that I keep going back? I go in. That's only rational, right? Yes, so that's how I stepped into Shizuku Ramen.

Alright. Partially I was drawn to its hipster and contemporary decor... instead of an authentic Japanese ramen bar, Shizuku is dressed in dark tones and clean lines.

Shizuku's ramen and menu reflect the same attitude as their decor, with very creative Japanese fusion items... but I was in the mood for some standard stuff, so I ordered the Gyoza Classic (AUD10) and Shio Ramen (AUD15), The gyozas were definitely on the mark, stuffed with pork, cabbage and spring onions, to which they were paired with a homemade tangy sesame vinaigrette (told ya it's not going to be classic). The Shio Ramen broth was lighter and thinner even for a Shio broth base, with delicious thinner chashu pork belly and perfect ajitsuke tamago. I think I didn't really like it from a subjective point of view, because I would have prefered a stronger taste, but overall they do their ramen with a modern spin nicely.

Shizuku Ramen
309 Victoria Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia

Opening hours
Daily: 1130 - 0000

+61 3 9995 8180


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  1. I remember their ramen was pretty good, when we first went there a few years ago. Recently ordered (not ramen) a few dishes and they were very disappointing and average though. Has management/the chefs changed?


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