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Digital printing services meet European-inspired cuisine - the combination of these two features give you Café Print. It is a cool sanctuary for some rest and refuel for the afternoon, especially with its interesting coffees and craft beers!
This is a food tasting with Café Print and Loco Singapore.

A shot of espresso, a generous dash of Oreo cookies and refreshing mint, this creation mimicks a bonsai plant, and is tantalizing by sight and taste. It definitely will pick you up as a caffeine-charged drink too!

This creamy wild mushroom soup is heartwarming and humble. This one especially has extra oomph with the right amount of black pepper and olive oil, and real bits of mushrooms in there! Love it.

These crispy wings are strangely satisfying, freshly fried to golden yumminess, locking in quite a bit of succulent moisture chicken wings should have. Dip with some fiery chilli sauce and you're good to go.. these sides are worth drooling over!

Rolling over to the mains... the Roasted Poussin Chicken here is served with fresh mesclun greens and fries on the side. While I love the crispy roasted chicken skin which caramelized nicely, the chicken itself wasn't as tender as I would like, though it was generally still quite tasty.

 This slab of juicy USA air flown Kurobuta pork would be my favourite main of Café Print, every slice of it was premium and good value for money. It rests on a bed of creamy, cheesy mashed potatoes that totally fulfilled the carbo-addict in me. 

I personally don't really enjoy lamb, and this roasted Baby Lamb Rack did not change my opinion of that.. I would say it's a little dry, perhaps we took too long with the photography, so eat it quickly if you want it at its maximum quality. the positive vibe I got from this lamb rack was how fragrant it was, marinated with rosemary garlic. This main was served with cheese potato and mixed greens.

The boss at Café Print really has a good taste and knowledge in craft beers, we tried a Chimay craft beer (one of the 18 craft beers in his collection) and it was very delightful to have indeed - not just because we were drinking mid'day, hurhur. Chillin' at Café Print with their craft beers would be my ideal way of an afternoon break, yes...

Cakes and strawberry ice-cream on waffles are also available at Café Print if unwinding with some sweets is what you want! The waffles are new on the menu.

Cafe Print
27 Hamilton Road
Singapore 209196

Opening hours
Mon - Sat: 1100 - 2300
Closed on Sunday

6203 0250


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