Voice of China Season 5 - What You Need to Know!

You may have forgotten about the most exciting Mandopop singing competition for a little while, but the preparations for The Voice of China Season 5 is well underway and gearing up for the next season! In fact, registrations have started since October 2015, with 9 Chinese cities hosting audition sites. To keep you updated with the latest information on this brand new season, here's what you need to know! 

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Why did 中國好声音 Voice of China Season 5 become 中國新歌聲 SING CHINA?

1. Judging panel - Harlem, Jay Chou, Na Ying, Wang Feng
There will be many similarities between Season 4 and Season 5: the most obvious will be the same judging panel. Despite lots of drama surrounding Wang Feng last season, he will still be part of the team. Not like I am complaining, you know how much I just love his team most of the time. I guess producers have found the sweet spot of these four judges altogether. However, I do miss Yang Kun and Qi Qin, and wished they'll be back some way or another during the show.

2. Competition format 
Not veering away from Season 4's format, Voice of China Season 5 will adopt the same structure: Blind auditions (choosing of judges), PK battles (between each team), PK battles (across teams), Finale.

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3. Look out for: 潘芸 Penny

An actress, new-age singer and composer, this multi-talented performer is also a social media influencer and model. Her works have been used in local dramas. Naturally photogenic because of her mixed blood heritage, she will most likely be one of the hot favourites in the competition.

4. New logo
Featuring the classic V, the new logo has taken on a golden, metallic sheen for the new season.

5. When can we watch it?!
The Voice of China Season 5 will officially start recording in June, and the first episode released in the first or second Friday of July 2016Voice of China Season 5, Voice of China Season V, Voice of China 5, 中国好声音第五季, 中国好声音(5), VOC
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Why did 中國好声音 Voice of China Season 5 become 中國新歌聲 SING CHINA?

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