Why GOROGORO should be your next steamboat location!

Find your satisfying steamboat time and the best chicken wings here!

"What I am about to tell you is going to destroy your diet plans...
But it will be worth it."

Because GOROGORO is finally open and you can now have both super satisfying and value-for-money steamboat experience in town! So, gather round all your friends whom you haven't seen in a long while and catch up while you feast on the best chicken wings (hands down better than 4 Fingers), thinly-sliced meats in very nourishing and tasty soups, and many more.


Everyone, pick up your plates and go attack the food section!

The amount of side dishes are making my eyes @_@

Your carbo bases...

And your veggies - so many varieties!

More than what you can eat in one seating, there's no way you can taste everything even though you can try your best! In total, there's 70 selections of fresh meats, vegetables and drinks available to savour.

This is reason alone why I can't get GOROGORO out of my head.
Don't miss out on their chicken wings ("Hajion Wings") - it's seriously the best I've had, even better than restaurants selling Korean fried chicken in particular. I didn't think I'll find this quality at a buffet table. They refill them as fast as they are swept off the buffet table because everyone knows it's really good. Succulent and tender, the marinate goes through entirely into the chicken meat without being overly salty or sweet, I just wish I can have it everyday. My only regret is that I have one stomach.


Onto the soup bases... GOROGORO don't do 'ordinary', they cater to different taste buds with six choices of broth to select from: Ginseng, Chicken, Beauty Collagen, Mala, Tomyum, Tomato and Vegetarian! On each steamboat, you get to choose three soup bases. Of course if you have more people on the table and can have 2 sets of steamboats, you can try all the flavours. However, I would rank these flavours according to my preference as such:

1. Ginseng
2. Vegetarian
3. Beauty Collagen

I wasn't a fan of the Mala or Tomyum because they were just wayyy too spicy to enjoy for me! The Tomato was alright I guess, but.. I would prefer to go straight for these three flavours.

The Ginseng was an absolute joy to simply drink non-stop, with or without the meats, prawns, tofus and veggies to go along with. It was so thoroughly boiled and as we went along, it tasted even better as we put more ingredients in there. The Beauty Collagen broth is boiled for at least 12 hours to extract the very last taste and goodness from the stock and spices, making it really rich and tasty, without being overwhelming. The Vegetarian wins the hearts of most of us, with its homely and safe factor, it allows us to enjoy the meat slices without stealing the show too much.


Promotion for Students & Senior Citizens 
- Valid till 31 March 2016
- Not applicable with other promos, discounts & privileges

218 Orchard Road | Orchard Gateway@emerald, 04-01, Singapore 238851
Nearest MRT Station: Somerset

How to get there:
Go over to Crate and Barrel side of Orchard Road (ie. NOT 313/ Orchard Central side), take the lift up to 4th floor.


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