Your phone's best defender against cracks (Urban Armour Gear)

No more fears. Drop your phone for all you want now!

I don't personally recommend throwing your phone when you're angry, but at least, rest assure that your phone will be shatter-proof with Urban Armor Gear phone casing. You might have seen people carrying this super hardy looking protection case for their phone, but always wondered what the brand is. These cases are held to a stringent military-grade protection quality standard that can even withstand any impact  -  a brand new iPhone 6 protected by UAG thrown out of a car travelling at 196km/h emerges completely unscathed: 

Watch it for yourself... I doubt any other casing can promise this amazing standard!!

What "military grade protection" means...

This certainly makes dropping my phone on the ground looks like nothing. ;) UAG casings are created in a patented design that features a hard outer shell and a soft impact resistant core. Urban Armor Gear sturdy reputation to protect phones travels far and wide, and in that regard, you have nothing to worry about. My review will focus on its usability (pros and cons included!):

1. Super lightweight!
This feature certainly surprised me. Considering how much protection UAG gives, I thought it would be quite bulky and thick. The unique shape of the case is built in such a way to provide structural rigidity while minimizing size and weight - it is no heavier than the previous regular casing that was replaced by UAG. It fits into the pocket easily and is as slim as any other casing, except of course, this absorbs shock from any accidental drops.

The specifications... how incredibly thin this is!

2. Good grip, ease of use
For the folio cases, even with the flap cover that covers the screen, remains quite convenient to use. The connecting flap between the phone and cover can be slightly flimsy but doesn't affect the ease of use. The cut-out for the camera and buttons are perfect and does not affect ordinary usage. However, as with most other casings, the immediate screen area next to the rim of the case might be difficult to reach when you're typing with one hand because the edges are slightly raised. 

3. Lint-free and clean
The surface of the UAG case is built to be lint-free to help maintain a super clean exterior - you know how extensively you carry your phone around, you certainly want to minimize the bacteria on it. Best for those who are particular about germs... but I guess we all need some kind of basic hygiene...

4. Functionality, compartment for cards
For the folio cases, you get an additional compartment where you can slip in your Ez-link cards, and other cards. This is especially useful for guys who don't bring bags around or ladies who don't want to rummage through their bag for their Ez-link cards (guilty as charged, yes...).

 5. Full range of products for most mainstream phone types and even iPads
There are many different types of products that can be protected by UAG cases - some of which are the iPhone ranges (6/6S/6S Plus/5/5S Plus, 5C), iPad Air, iPad Mini, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge/ Edge Plus, S6, S5, S4, S3, Note 2, Note 5, Note Edge, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, HTC One M9/M8/M7, Droid Turbo 2... see the full product range here.


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