Journey to becoming a Beauty Goddess: Nails Edition by 3D Nails

Nails: representing a part of your personality.

It's been long since I last revamped my nails, the previous being the set of CNY nails with sakura and floral accents, until they grew beyond what I could endure. Surprisingly, these nails created by Janet from 3D Nails actually survived for close to ten weeks - perfectly pretty as they are, albeit long. Main reason why they survived for so long - because 3D Nails have a powerful nail-strengthening formula that can ensure longevity and health of your nails! See previous set here.
This article is written as the first of the series to 'becoming a beauty goddess' in which I will share some of the few things that actually made a difference in my life (not many, so stay tuned to these rare posts). Nails are amazingly a relatively insignificant part of how you can express yourself, but I realized that if you took care to dress up even this inconsequential part of yourself, it goes to make yourself much more put-together.

Pretty in lilac, in any situation

People notice my nails more than I realize, since they've been complimenting them quite a bit.. but I myself love looking at them so much! It certainly looks much better than simply clear nails, it feels like my hands are always ready to go out. These are hand-drawn personally by the nail artists at 3D Nails Salon, meticulously done with their special nail paint set. The effect is so much better than nail stickers which peel off easily and can look synthetic rather than tiny artpieces on your nails.

3D Nails Salon
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There are plenty of times that could display them... and it always makes me feel happy too.


Close up on the thumbs which are different from the general theme. It also makes having them for weeks better, because each nail is of similar theme, yet different from one another, so it's not as dull to look at if they were all the same! The enjoyment from having them lasts much, much longer.

Back to the beginning of this set of nails... 

After soak-off at 3D nails... wow, my nails have indeed grown like mad beneath it all. 

This time, Stephanie, one of the nail artists at 3D Nails, helped me to conceptualize and paint on these nail art for me. Like Janet, she is also very quick, meticulous and thoughtful when painting it. Look at that thin brush, it is very difficult to manipulate it unless you have extremely steady hands like the ones Stephanie has. We even chatted and realized we loved the same Taiwanese/Chinese dramas and movies. I look forward to my next appointment with them already.

I love their LED fast-drying machines which are indeed very fast and helps to speed up the process of creating the layers needed for the art. It doesn't cause your skin to darken either because no UV exposure like many other machines used in other nail salons.

End product! I love it so much, especially how different each of them looks.


Comfortable plush arm-chairs with cushions to prop yourself up or to hug, with a TV playing dramas in front of you as the session proceeds!


3D Nails Salon
132 Jurong Gateway Road #01-277 Singapore 600132

Call to make an appointment here: 65630538

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