Melbourne: Hakata Gensuke

My final ramen place in Melbourne was Hakata Gensuke, and I've saved the best for the last!!! Okay, this comes as no surprise  because Hakata is such a familiar name to all who loves ramen in Melbourne. It is right across the cheap Asian supermarket on Russell Street in the CBD grid, and if you're any later you'd have to queue for a table. I was very excited to try it because all I've been hearing are raving reviews on it.

Hakata opens at 5pm on weekdays, and I mean it when I say you've got to have some discipline to reach there at 5-o-clock sharp or face the consequences of standing in line. They open all day for weekends, hence avoid peak hours if you want a table.

There's just something about ramen places which have this little form for their customers to choose their style of ramen... it gives me a sense of customization and personal touch to the cooking of the ramen. As usual I picked the Signature Tonkotsu (AUD13) - my ultimate love and litmus test to the ramen place, along with addition of black fungus.

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Hakata, you have my heart.
This was definitely the best ramen bowl I've had in Melbourne, the classic richness of the tonkotsu feels like it was simmered in pork bones since forever, it was piping hot and so fragrant, I just tucked into it immediately straight after some sloppy photography. The chashu slices were the most tender and had soaked up the tonkotsu soup base and I loved how everything came together in perfection. The broth was not too salty and could be drunk in spoonfuls. Delicious and beautifully done, some had even said this was close to Japan's quality - I haven't been to Japan yet and spoilt my tastebuds silly forever... I'll tell you when I do, but for now, Hakata ranks pretty high in my opinion.

The gyozas were pretty good as well, though no wow factor, just gyozas for sides if you're still feeling hungry!

Hakata Gensuke
168 Russell Street
VIC 3000

Opening hours
Mon to Fri: 1130 - 1500; 1700 - 2130
Sat & Sun: 1200 - 2130

+61 3 9663 6342

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