Melbourne: Kinfolk Cafe

On my radar since the beginning.

Kinfolk is the reason why I found my favourite cafe in the whole of Melbourne. The story is: I wanted to find Kinfolk. I've heard lots about it, and it's on my list of to-go cafes during my student exchange in Melbourne. So one Saturday, I decided to stroll down Bourke Street, thinking I'll head straight onto this cafe. But no. Kinfolk is actually closed on weekends and I didn't realize it.. rookie mistake! Luckily, School of Life next door was open, so I decided to try that out instead. However, Kinfolk was still at the corner of my brain, whimpering at me to go back there again. And so I did, because I cannot stand unfulfilled dreams.


Here I was. First impressions: Kinfolk makes me feel so happy and comfy with its design. Indeed, I may not remember the details, but I do remember how this cafe makes me feel. High ceilings, natural lighting and dark wooden tables are the ingredients for good vibes in a cafe.

Kinfolk is a social enterprise, a friendly big community that brings charity to the center of their cafe, giving 100% to their selected beneficiary partners. Supporting them while enjoying some kickass healthy and delicious creations, I would say I'm happy to come back again.

I was there in June 2015, and ordered a Quinoa Porridge (AUD12) with a fragrant peach coconut base - was it coconut oil that made it so delicious? A vegetarian and a gluten-free option, I haven't had something so nourishing and appetizing at the same time. Strangely, it was the first time I ever had quinoa - a type of edible grain crop seed similar to cereals, I wasn't entirely used to it, but I must say it set the standard pretty high for all the quinoas in my life to come! Lexi had the Risotto of the day (AUD15) which I couldn't exactly remember what the name was - there was a buttery pea-based taste in there, exquisite and interesting for a risotto, very different experimentation with the tastes and done well.

Happy volunteers who lend their warm and genuine service at Kinfolk.

I pinched a photo from Kinfolk's instagram (@k_i_n_f_o_l_k) for a more relevant picture to show you their latest quinoa porridge flavour - naval orange and coconut quinoa porridge with passionfruit, peaceh, macadamias, cacaco nibs and puffed quinoa all at AUD12. I think they've definitely improved by leaps since my visit once again.

Our little tiny table, the only one in the cafe (at least from what we observe!), which reminded us of classroom days... guess only the two 'skinny Asian girls' can fit in there. Snug as a bug and comfy once we were seated. Come on down and visit Kinfolk, a cafe with the heart and soul of their food and into social responsibility too.

673 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

+61 423 229 953

Opening hours
Daily: 7am - 3pm
Closed on Sat & Sun

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