Melbourne: YO-CHI

If there's one thing that I want to bring from Melbourne to Singapore... it has to be YO-CHI. Funny how many of my friends who have been to Melbourne say the same thing because at the rate that Singaporeans are obsessing over llaollao (which I no longer do), YO-CHI is much crazier, better, and will be their next obsession for sure. 

YO-CHI: An appetite for life, a yogurt a day. 
All natural, 98% fat-free.
Real all-natural froyo made daily from fresh Greek-style yogurt and real milk from happy Aussie cows!


Why I went instantly hysterical:


Look at all the flavours of the froyo they have here!!! It took quite a while to scroll through them eh, but just imagine walking down the entire stretch in their shop! 27 interesting flavours, and I literally wanted to try all of them. The crazy thing is - YOU CAN. Because the friendly folks at YO-CHI understand that you'll naturally be curious and you can try the flavours before you actually order. Salted Butterscotch, Persian Delight, Honey Soybean, Signature Tart, Green Tea, Coconut, Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla.. honestly, go ahead and mix it up! They have seasonal flavours as well to switch things up and keep you coming back.

Top it up with fruits ad nuts at their extensive toppings bar - and there you have it.
They weigh and you pay - and enjoy your YO-CHI. I enjoyed mine tremendously. Every 100g costs AUD2.90.

194 Faraday Street
Carlton 3053 Victoria, Australia

YO-CHI has four outlets: Carlton, Yarraville, Balaclava, Hawthorn.

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