Singapore: 7 F&B places that went from hero to zero

There is nothing more disappointing to hear about raving reviews about a food establishment and when you finally visit it, it's just... 'meh'. These are the seven places that went from hero to zero:

1. Victor's Kitchen
Ever since they changed their management in 2014, the quality of Victor's Kitchen has never been the same again. This place had been my favorite dimsum eatery circa 2010 to 2014, the place I had my first kickass salted egg custard buns. Nobody really likes it or even talks about it nowadays.
I remember this plate of Egg Benedict, it was delicious as heaven, and I was fully captivated by its fancy iced mocha and matcha latte. I polished everything off, hollandaise sauce and all. Two years later, I returned with a bunch of friends, the fantastic memory in mind hoping to recreate it... Only to meet with utter complete disappointment with the lacklustre food. It tasted like we could do a lot better in the kitchen ourselves. Maybe blindfolded.

3. Saveur Concetto at Cathay
What's with Cathay's tenants?!! Walked out from Saveur Concetto happy in February 2014, doubtful about its standards in December 2015... a difference of miles apart. Again, from finishing entire portions and raring for now to the bitter taste of disappointment at how poorly the standard is not maintained. Went back thinking it would be as awesome as my first visit and ended up not blogging about it cos it was just not worth recommending anymore.

Really stop it with the "why are food bloggers recommending this salted pork ribs rice" thing already. If it was more 'meh' than 'wow', you didn't manage to enjoy it at its prime which was truly in 2013. I went back multiple times between 2012-2015 and could feel how it has degenerated to the point I wouldn't go back for it anymore. It used to be very good, I finished this serving and asked for rice top up when I first had it. The service here remained appalling all these years though I would put up with it for good food.

5. Curry Wok
With a heavy heart, I have included one of my fondest JC memories into this list. It was THE place to go for refueling after dance practices, the place where I truly became a "rice bucket" (3 bowls no problem! ) But somehow it has changed over the years and the taste of its famous pork chop has evolved to this less wokhei, less spunk version of itself. I wonder why.
From heartwarming, nostalgic and wonderful idea to downright pure arrogance, it was upsetting and shocking to see how a place I loved and has recommended to friends became such a terrible establishment. Service is simply downright atrocious for both the second and third time I visited Sinpopo. Thus, I'd not consider going again. I don't like to rant too much about negative stuff on the blog and focus on recommending good stuff but... really, every time I think about the experience of going to Sinpopo just rages me! They are almost always packed, so probably their popularity had bred an arrogant attitude. Not to mention they took out the super cute rainbow ais ball from the menu.

7. Pitchstop
Aka. The NTU cafe.  Why did the standard drop so much? I have no answer to that, but I just know I haven't been back in the entire year. I visited it a lot of times in Year 1 but later the pastas just got more and more unbearable.

I certainly wish they would get back to their original standards and be as spectacular as before.
Do you agree or disagree on these places?
Or are there other places that deserve to be in this list too?

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  1. Habitat coffee.

    the downward spiral of this cafe is quite sad.

  2. Aloy Thai... There used to be long queues, heaving crowds. I brought one too many foreign friends there to enjoy a good meal. Now, it closes anytime it likes, and nobody talks about it anymore.


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