Go crazy with ordering your Japanese food at Shinagawa Ramen & Izakaya!

I wouldn't know of Shinagawa if not for the Eatigo app, and it seems I have once again chanced upon awesome places with the help of technological apps. Such is the reality these days - but not that I'm complaining, because Shinagawa indeed has plenty to offer across the Japanese cuisine range and I was super glad to have a satisfied meal there! Shinagawa is not your upper-end and overly pretentious sort of place, just down-to-earth, good stuff. And this is the sort I love the most because you feel completely at ease here with the attentive and friendly lady running the show at front-of-house. With Eatigo, we got the entire receipt at 50% off, that's probably why we went crazy with the ordering:


I got the Chirashi don (SGD17.50, before discount) for myself, a hearty bowl of rice topped with a generous amount of sashimi of three cut varieties and seafood. Highly appetizing and delicious, I finished this chirashi don at such a quick rate, even faster than the boyfriend for the first time ever. That's because it was really good! Freshness-wise, picky-eaters wouldn't consider it to be of tip-top fresh condition, but for me, it's definitely of an acceptable quality. Given the price after discount, I'll eat this any day! I took a few bites of the Unagi don, with an egg (SGD16, before discount), and it was pretty good as well, very flavourful. The Salmon tamago maki (SGD12.80, before discount) was obviously an awesome delicious pop at every go. Though I must say by then I was already quite full, I was still thoroughly enjoying it. The Gyoza (SGD6.50, before discount) tend towards a little too oily, but as a side, it's nice to have if you are craving for it.

In general, Shinagawa leaves a positive impression on me, especially on its chirashi don and its impeccable service. From the start, the lady was very kind and patient, and never discounting on her service nor the food despite the fact that I was using the Eatigo discount. Shinagawa is a little isolated and difficult to find within International Plaza, but you won't regret when you do find it. Many Japanese expats head down to this humble and lovely eatery for their meals as well, which speaks a lot. Want a value-for-money Japanese meal? Here you have your answer.

Shinagawa Ramen & Izakaya
International Plaza 
10 Anson Road #02-35/36/37
Singapore 079903

Opening hours
Mon to Sat: 1100 - 1500; 1800 - 2200
Closed on Sundays and PH

6221 7575

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