Wake up with Cafédirect Americano Premium Coffee.

My daily go-to brand for coffee, Cafédirect, has got a new line of products, Americano Premium Coffee Capsules! Cafédirect is no stranger to most of us who actively uses coffee capsules at home or in the office. Now you can wake up and smell premium coffee to make your dreary mornings so much better than ever. It is now available in our supermarkets - Fairprice Finest and Fairprice Xtra. Click to read my review:

Made from 100% Arabica beans, each capsule has an intensity of 8/12 and contains a 5.3g blend of Tanzanian and Mexican coffee. This blend balances the well-roundedness of Mexican coffee with the rich toffee notes iconic of Tanzanian coffee. 

Packaging of Cafédirect Americano Premium Coffee Capsules

The coffee made from Cafédirect Americano Premium Coffee Capsules is extremely fragrant and has a lovely smooth blend topping off with a layer of rich natural crema, characteristic of the blend’s high quality and excellent roast. I love it and how it is the perfect cuppa in the morning to wake up with.

 Consider switching or trying this new premium coffee capsules: it is compatible with Nespresso machines, supports fair trade business, and has a reasonable price point.


Compatible with any Nespresso machine
We can now enjoy premium Americano coffee any time at the press of a button. Isn't this a dream? I've tried it with mine and it works without a hitch. To prepare a fresh brew, insert the pod into the Machine and select “Lungo”.

An Americano is a watered-down espresso, with a higher proportion of water to coffee added. The resulting flavour is a brew that has a lighter body, while retaining the aroma of an espresso. The beauty of the Americano is that the flavour can be further varied by adding different proportions of water, depending on one’s preference.

Support Cafédirect for their fair trade business model.
Supporting fairtrade is important as consumers so that the livelihood of coffee growers is sustainable.
With Cafédirect's fairtrade business model, 50% of the profits go back to the coffee growers where the beans are passionately nurtured and harvested. This not only improves life for the growers, but quality of each coffee bean as well.

Reasonable price point.
There are 10 'tasty pods' in each pack (SGD8.90). That is only 89 cents per cuppa of premium coffee, which is so much more affordable than an average Starbucks coffee run which can cost you 7 bucks on-wards.

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