Melbourne: Docklands / Le Cirque

By the end of my Melbourne trip, Docklands still remained one of my favourite places to hang at because it is located near the city centre and within the free tram zone (read: convenience), serene, quiet and away from the crowds. Melbourne isn't that crowded anyway but Docklands is surprisingly nearly empty on most days despite how beautiful the waterfront area is.

I took these set of photos on one of my visits to Docklands (which were numerous) some time in early autumn, when the weather was about to turn cooler. It was a glorious day and the sunlight was gentle, flattering and forgiving on everything in the distance. Docklands is gorgeous for many reasons, the waterfront is definitely one of them. Watch the boats go by and the Melbourne Star roll, or just sit by the water where seagulls frolick. 


Within the area, the Docklands Public Library will keep you entertained for a long while with their vast selection of books and movie titles. The library itself is an architectural feat, sporting really cool views of the waterfront, except you get to chill with a book indoors (aircon in the summer is always welcomed). Docklands (Harbourtown) is also a wonderland for outlet shopping. Later I realised Southern Cross station provides the same outlets at the same crazy discounts for Australian brands like Factorie, Katies, Dotti and Supre. While the prices of the items at these brands are quite expensive in Singapore, it seems to be on par with Cotton On prices over there.

Le Cirque is one of the most prominent restaurants at Harbourtown with a huge alfresco dining area and central location. I found Le Cirque (Docklands) via a Groupon deal - two mains and two drinks for AUD25? No wonder 771 other people snatched up the deal too. This was the Groupon deal:

We picked some of the lunch selections of the menu, including Fish & Chips and Roasted Chicken Burger, all of which was pretty decent though the serving was crazily huge. Three people could easily share the two mains that they have here. For the value on Groupon and location, Le Cirque Fine Foods is definitely recommended. Nevertheless, there are too many good Fish & Chips around Australia for this to be somewhere that you'll go for specifically.

Le Cirque Fine Foods
27 Star Crescent, Docklands
Melbourne, VIC

Opening hours
Mon to Thu: 0730 - 1800
Fri: 0730 - 2000
Sat: 0730 - 1830
Sun: 0830 - 1800

03 9670 7771

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