Universal Studios Singapore (USS) & All The Tips You Need

Ready for a whole day of adrenaline? Universal Studios Singapore (USS) has got more than enough activities and rides to keep you entertained from day to night. Strange thing is, I have only been to USS except for its opening week in 2010 and most rides weren't even ready, so when Lexi is over and said she wanted to go for it, I was like lezzgo!!!

On USS tickets...
Only after we bought the tickets, we realized it was Easter Friday and we're going to be swamped by crowds. That's a bit crazy because you know you have to wait super long for rides on holidays.

Buy the tickets online beforehand.

Don't queue at the USS ticket counter, you'll be paying the same price but spend extra energy and effort queuing outside.

How much are the tickets?
The official original price of the Entry Ticket on the official website is $74 (Adult), and the Express Ticket - Limited Rides is $50 (Adult).

Here's a pro tip on how to get cheaper tickets:
Book your tickets with KKday!

Is the Express Ticket necessary?
Battlestar Galactica: Red - Human line had a nearly 3-hour regular queue and 50-min express queue; and Blue - Cylon line had 1-hour regular queue and 15-min express queue when we were there. Queue length also depends what time try the rides. If you want to complete the rides you want on public holidays, get the Express Ticket. After all, you probably won't be returning any time soon so you might as well enjoy USS thoroughly for one entire day. The Express Ticket is necessary on public holidays to ensure your time there is well-spent. Print your Express Ticket as they require you to show it at each station that gains you access to the express queue.

Planning your day at USS

This is probably the most mentally strenuous activity to do because there are too many rides, performances, appearances character meet-and-greet to complete! Then, you will be assaulted in all directions by screams, loud background music and super cute furry toys all around that it'll be impossible to think. It will be strategic to remember some key points on how to finish nearly everything by actually sticking to the tips (we didn't).

Getting to USS
You can either walk across the boardwalk to avoid the crowds at the tram on peak days or take the tram at the top floor of Vivo City. Alight at Waterfront Station - the first station.

Tip 1: Begin your USS day at 10am

Unfortunately I woke up that day in a terrible state (caffeine overdose again, how do I manage to do this to myself multiple times) and had to rest a bit in the morning before heading down to USS. Ideally, you should aim to reach USS by 10am. On public holidays, the tram that brings guests into Sentosa will be packed. We took around 40 minutes from the start of queue to reach USS itself.

Tip 2: What to bring/wear
1. Digital camera or just your phone. DSLR not recommended
Rely on a compact digital camera or your phone, because there are many rides that require you to deposit your belongings into lockers and you don't want to try to stuff your DSLR into that tiny locker. Or worry about it being damaged or lost if you have to put it temporarily at the belongings area for certain rides.

2. Ponchos/ Ziplock bags for your digital items
There are going to be water rides and don't miss out on them just because you're not water-proof enough. Ponchos for yourself, and ziplock bags for your phone and cameras will be important. In addition, ensure that your bags and clothes are prepared to get wet (ie. don't bring your expensive suede shoes and bags).

3. Snacks and food
It's no surprise but the restaurants available in USS are expensive, not value-for-money and has long queues, thus, it'll be good to keep the hangry monsters at bay by bringing your own snack supply. After all you will be doing a lot of high-intensity activities that will make you really hungry.

4. Comfortable shoes
Self-explanatory - you have to be walking around quite a bit so leave your heels at home!

5. Hair-ties
For humans with long hair, hair-tie is a must in case for those crazy rides.

6. Shorts/skorts/pants/jeans with tight pockets/ pockets with zips
Because you need somewhere to keep your USS maps and in case you got the Express Ticket, you need somewhere to store the printed ticket while you go onto rides (pretty much the only things you need to carry when going onto rides).

7. (Water-proof) Watch
You can always rely on your phone but you won't always have your phone with you. It's good to keep time in case you miss certain shows or meet-and-greets!

Tip 3: Move in an anti-clockwise direction.
Start with New York!

When we entered, everything looked so exciting we took off in the wrong direction towards Madagascar. No, start with New York and go from there because everything will fall into place better this way. In New York, there are not many activities going on but one thing you can do is to take pictures first while there are not so many people! Note that character meet & greet timings vary depending on the dates you go, so if there's a particular character you really really wanna meet, take note of the timing and go find it accordingly even if it doesn't fit in the anti-clockwise schedule.

Tip 4: Conquer the scary rides first.
@ Sci-Fi City, my favourite sub-theme park.

Sci-Fi City is undoubtedly my favourite part of the whole USS. The playlist that goes on and on at Sci-Fi City gives the whole precinct an otherworldly atmosphere, with metallic clanging and screeching sounds to make it seem like flying vehicles are moving all around. At Sci-Fi City, we began with the TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle.

TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle
This super popular and hit ride was more like a 4D-experience, with amazing strong gusts of wind, heat, light, and electrifying effects while sitting in an indoor ride. It was much more spectacular and immersive than I thought what an indoor ride would be. Recommended? Definitely.

We skipped the Accelerator because it looks like it's going to give us a headache (spinning teacups).

Then, we went on to Battlestar Galactica HUMAN Red Track - we waited for 50 minutes in the Express queue. It was good that there was some waiting time to give us some time to compose ourselves.

Battlestar Galactica HUMAN Red Track
It certainly was not as scary as I thought. I am not someone who loves roller coasters but after Battlestar Galactica, I might just change my mind. It's easy enough to be enjoyable but not overly frightening. The HUMAN track is easier than the CYLON track, with only twists and turns over 14 storeys in the air, and you get to put your feet down on a platform in the ride. This star attraction is a MUST-TRY at USS! It is probably a 6/10 on the scary meter, so you can try this out before going for CYLON.

We didn't go onto Battlestar Galactica CYLON blue track immediately because the queue was too crazy, but I'll just document my thoughts on it here.

Battlestar Galactica CYLON Blue Track
Ah-ha, now we are talking about something scary. It was a level above the HUMAN track, with legs dangling mid-air and there are many portions in the ride that flipped the riders upside down with its corkscrew and cobra rolls, with an anti-gravity sense that felt like we were going to be flung out. Needless to say I absolutely love this more than the HUMAN Red Track. Adrenaline skyrocketed as we screamed our lungs out! The ride was shorter than I wished it was. I'll give it a 7/10 on the scary meter.

Tip 5: Repeat the rides you love after 7pm.

This was what we did for our favourite ride at Ancient Egypt - Revenge of the Mummy! We had the most fun here because it was indoors (air-con!), it had really cool effects, and kick-ass drops in the ride. I thought indoors ride would be meh as compared to the towering Battlestar, but no. Imagine that you have to conquer both the fear of heights, unknown and dark in Revenge of the Mummy, that, would be thrilling! Expect anti-gravity drops here. You have to try it, we went for it three times. Probably would have gone more if the walk from the entrance to the ride wasn't so far. We even got frightened and ran away from a fellow visitor who randomly jump-scared us because the whole atmosphere was so creepy (can't believe that together we're half a century old). After 7pm, there was practically no queue for the regular queue and you can go on the rides repeatedly.


Tip 6: Catch all the meet-and-greet characters at Hollywood Walk of Fame.

After getting lunch at the nearby Mel's, it's time to dish out your cameras and GoPros for this ultimate parade at USS where all the characters will walk around all to see everyone. This is your chance to grab a selfie with them if you're at the first row of audience, then you can strike one thing off your to-see-list!

Tip 7: The Lost World
Catch the WaterWorld, do the Canopy Flyer at dusk

The WaterWorld was closed for maintenance when we were there (22/2 - 31/3) but it should be open by now. It is highly recommended to visit the WaterWorld with its stunts, explosions and thrills at this water show. The Lost World opens at 11am. You would probably reach here slightly after noon right after the shenanigans at New York and Sci-Fi City, so it'll be insanely hot to do the lovely Canopy Flyer... head over to Hollywood for lunch first. Nevertheless, complete the Canopy Flyer ride at dusk for a lovely cool ride.

Canopy Flyer
For a relaxing ride that we didn't scream on, this is one of my favourites and perfect for winding down the day. We did this slightly after sun-set, which gives you a good 'prehistoric bird's eye view' over Jurassic Park.


Tip 8: Far Far Away: Puss in Boots Giant Journey

I would consider Far Far Away the relatively kid-friendly one, but for adults, it could be quite boring. The best thing about Far Far Away is that it is ridiculously photogenic and totally channelling Hans Christian Andersen vibes everywhere. We tried the Shrek 4D Adventure which was quite draggy and pretty much a waste of time, though it was a good rest after running around the whole place! The kids were thrilled by the movie though. We also did the Puss in Boots Giant Journey ride after the sun has set, it was quite mild and more interesting 'plot-wise', with many things around the ride to see and enjoy. It's a pity you can't take pictures on the ride - safety reasons, but there are some cute stuff going on in here. It would have been nice to pop around here before it got too dark, though they had lights on, it definitely didn't do justice to how pretty the set looks. The Enchanted Airways was another one meant for children but we went on it anyway, it was very relaxing!

Tip 10: Madagascar - super cute factor!

Aww so cute! As a young adult, I was more entertained by the Madagascar rides which were probably still catered to kids... because the Madagascar Crate Adventure was hilarious and immensely adorable. I am embarrassed to admit I've never watched any of the Madagascar movies before, but even then I was very, very entertained. The Crate Adventure was very substantial with water features and slightly thrilling parts. No spoilers for you, go and play this! 

Tip 11: End off with New York's Lights, Camera, Action!

We nearly missed this because it looked rather unimpressive on the outside, but I'm so glad we didn't! It was mindblowing to see the set of Steven Spielberg as they demonstrated LIVE how a set is done. Plot: A major hurricane to hit New York City. I totally didn't expect it to be so crazy. But USS will exceed your expectations.

Of course, merchandise is everywhere, no tips on this.
Resist the urge to shout "take my money"!?


Bonus tip: Eye-candies, ladies!

Did you scroll to this point? You get a bonus tip for your patience!!!
I nearly maxed out my 16GB SD card taking snaps of them because them - The Cruisers are just way too cute. Four of them, surely at least one of them will catch your eye. Is it the Prince-Charming lookalike, the typical jocky guy, the suave and sweet one or the super macho one? Personalities of these guys are imagined, I didn't even get their names... 😭 They were singing classic songs from Westlife and Backstreet Boys including Uptown Girl, ready to steal hearts. 😂

Recommended Rides (in descending order)
1. Battlestar Galactica - HUMAN and CYLON lines (Sci-Fi City)
2. Revenge of the Mummy (Ancient Egypt)
3. TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle (Sci-Fi City)
4. Madagascar The Crate Adventure (Madagascar)
5. Canopy Flyer (The Lost World)
6. Puss in Boots Giant Journey (Far Far Away)
7. Enchanted Airways (Far Far Away)
8. SHREK 4D Adventure (Far Far Away)

Recommended Activities (in descending order)
1. Hollywood Walk of Fame (Hollywood)
2. WaterWorld (The Lost World)
3. Lights, Camera, Action! (New York)
4. Lake Hollywood Spectacular Fireworks
5. The Cruisers


We didn't complete every single thing available at USS - that's impossible given that there's too many things. This itinerary is recommended more for young adults than children because we skipped most of the rides for juniors. That's it for this long post on Universal Studios Singapore! Hope these tips will help in your planning to this awesome place and have an entertaining day there.

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