BWB, burger VS wings + bar at Orchard

Burgers or wings? You know my answer: why not both?! There is no dilemma at this American diner BWB located at the higher floors of Orchard Central because you can have their moreish wings and burgers within the same seating. The only problem you might have is the guilty pleasure you are bound to feel after the meal.

I picked a comfortable semi-outdoor seating here at BWB, where you can have a view of the Orchard region from the glass panels surrounding the restaurant. It was hazy day so there wasn't much of a view, though it feels good to be 'out'.

Their signature Hot Buffalo Wings (SGD15.80) is simply addictive. I would have gotten into a fight over them if I were not busy chomping them down, licking down the savoury and sweet hot sauce that was coating the tender meat of these wings I was tearing clean off the bone. It comes with three levels of spiciness to which I think I said Level 1. It definitely exceeded my expectations greatly and just looking at this picture brings me back to the gluttony moment.

I probably should have eaten the burger at the same time I tried the wings, because I was already half-way full when I started the Crispy Breaded Fish Burger (SGD15.80). The breaded fish patty was very juicy with the right amount of tartar sauce and crunchy fresh cucumber to balance the flavour and oiliness, though I would say it's like McD's fillet-o-fish-upgraded - there was even a fried egg in it. They are famous for their Tyson Peanut Butter burger which I haven't tried before - so probably that is likely to be more value for money. Burgers or wings - I say go with wings! The service here is attentive and excellent, and I liked the quiet atmosphere here which makes it very conducive for talking. 

BWB, Burger VS Wings + Bar
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road #11-03/04
Singapore 238896

Opening hours
Mon to Fri: 1130 - 1500; 1730 - 2200
Sat & Sun: 1130 - 2200


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