Nara Thai Brings Bangkok Flavours To You With New Menu (July 2016)

Singapore is only a 3-hour flight away from balmy Bangkok city, but it isn't a journey we have to make if we have Nara Thai. Especially with the launch of Nara's new menu, inspired by our favourite flavours from hundreds of winding sois that you've wandered into in Bangkok! You will find the same time-honoured Thai flavours in the new array of menu items: Tom Yum, hot basil chili sauce, Northeastern larb. The chefs here pair them with unconventional ingredients. See, Nara ensures a scrumptious, unique Thai dining experience just for you! Let's get on with the new items that you can look forward to!

Yum Hed (SGD14.90)

Obviously, you will still have the comforting green mango salad that everyone is used to, but it'll be hard to resist trying the other equally Sa-thai-ssfying salads? Yum Hed, also known as mushroom salad, is a clever way to incorporate popular ingredients julienned oyster mushrooms and brown clamshell mushrooms in a salad. You're warned: this innocuous bowl of salad kicks ass. I mean, its intensely fiery garlic chili dressing is only for the strong-willed (or the courageous). Such an intense way to kickstart a tantalizing meal!

Kung Phad Num Prik Pao Tom Yum, Stir-Fried Tom Yum Tiger Prawns (SGD28.90)

Tom Yum and seafood could be your dream marriage in food, or actually a reality at Nara. The Kung Phad Num Prik Pao Tom Yum, Stir-Fried Tom Yum Tiger Prawns are first, flash-fried before being tossed into the wok with galangal, kaffir lime leaves, and lemongrass. It is great in idea, though it came off a little dry for me. Perhaps more Tom Yum sauce drizzles would fill the gap in expectations.

Seafood and Coconut Otah (SGD16.90)

The most photogenic dish has to be the Seafood and Coconut Otah! It is presented with the half-opened coconut as the bowl, and the otah cake contained within it. The otah is neither as smoky nor spicy as the usual otah we are used to, but more of a mild version of it. It has a texture that reminded me of cake mousse. Overall, it's interesting and very different from what I thought it would be before I tried it.

Larb Moo (SGD13.90)

The one that scores the most "authenticity" points has to be the Larb Moo, with tantalizing spicy minced pork meat placed upon a boat of butter cabbage leaf and stuffed right into your mouth... hmm! Delicious.

Fried Century Egg with Chili & Hot Basil (SGD15.90)

You'll most certainly love the Fried Century Egg with Chili & Hot Basil! The bowl of earthy, delicious flavours of century eggs and delicious crispy chicken bites are underlined by the piquant sharp dressing of bird's eye chili, Thai garlic, fresh lime and a dash of palm sugar. With the slight herbal infusion of lemongrass, mint leaves and shallots, this is practically universally well-liked!

Khrim Maphraw Linci Khnom (SGD7.90)

And of course something for our second stomachs, the Khrim Maphraw Linci Khnom, yam and pumpkin in lychee coconut cream! Props for the perfect treatment of the pumpkin, maintaining a soft yet not mushy texture. It is quite an incredibly sweet finish!

Watermelon Limeade (SGD6.50)

Unbelievably refreshing with a blend of watermelon juice and lime. What's more, this is super effective in quenching the spiciness of all the dishes here!

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