Pacamara, Upper Thomson's Best Brunch Location

A few weeks ago, there was a point I was just about to lose interest in going cafes for brunches after a bout of disappointments. It was just expensive, and just not as satisfying. Perhaps with the exception of  Atlas Coffeehouse which left a splendid impression on me. Then the boy suggested going to Pacamara because that's his favourite cafe, and so okay, we'll go for brunch there to check it out (more so for me, since it's his third/fourth time there already).

Pacamara is a type of coffee hybrid variety from the Pacas plant family from El Salvador, and probably, that was what that inspired the cafe name!

 The minimalist white and wood combination always sets the right tone for brunch for me, I guess it's because I am a basic bitch it reminds me of bright, airy mornings with so much natural sunlight streaming in. I like it already from the outset, however... when we reached, we were told we had to wait for a table for 20 minutes. This isn't particular to Pacamara, but to a lot of cafes and dessert parlours (ah-hem-Sunday-folks), they are so incredibly popular that hungry patrons cannot be seated. I was probably hangry at that moment in time, but good thing there was a pet shop to distract us, just a few doors down from Pacamara. They were ready before 20 minutes, and we were soon ushered to the window seats.

I was craving for something sweet for brunch, and there was something on the menu that agrees with me completely - the French Toast (SGD16.9), served with caramelized apple chutney, fresh berries, crushed hazelnuts with rum and raisin ice-cream. It tastes of the fresh breath of an autumn garden, with everything coming together as layers of intense flavours and textures, especially the rum and raisin ice-cream. The Tagliolini Vongole (SGD18.5) squid ink pasta was our other choice, a savoury delicious dish with fresh clams cooked with white wine, basil, parsley, minced garlic, chilli topped with diced tomatoes. My mocha was lovely to taste as well, and overall Pacamara... fantastic!!

Pacamara isn't a new cafe, but it did sprout up during the heat of the hipster hype in late 2014. If you missed this one and haven't been here before, it is one of the few that still serve a decent standard delicious brunch!

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
185 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574333

Opening hours
Daily: 0900 - 2300

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