Rooftop Bar at Mr Punch Public House

This is a secret hideout where you can jive away with your mates, away from the crowd, a gastropub to wine and dine, all with an element of fun and thrill. And of course, this place has a bartender to the live bar counter, with a whole array of amazing drinks, cocktails, mocktails and the like just for you. This is Mr Punch Public Housebest known for his work in the puppet show, ’Punch and Judy’. It is a place that celebrates good food, better company and plentiful drinking. Read on for more information about this place and what it has to offer:

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We've gone to Mr Punch once; they have a basement section where you can chill with your friends over some drinks, and at the same time enjoy some of the fantastic music they play, with local live bands and open mic sessions for visitors to sing. This time, we find ourselves at the rooftop bar, with access to the fifth floor by an elevator. It overlooks the roofs of Raffles Hotel and feels like a cozy nest dwarfed by the taller skyscrapers around the city. Let's get onto the food:

One of the recommended bar bites that I would say is the deep fried chicken breast meat coated with potato chips (SGD10), best enjoyed when you swipe it with the lusciously thick nacho cheese dip on the side. The chicken breast is quite a hearty choice to have, less tender than other choice parts like chicken drumsticks and chicken wings.

A platter of three items goes at SGD35, with recommended items custard-battered squid rings, chicken thigh roulade, and the slow-cooked pork belly with red wine apple chutney and secret sherry sauce. My favourite amongst these three had to be the marmite glazed squid rings, with the caramelized savoury sauce complementing the squid rings that are super qq in texture! 

The Herb crusted Barramundi (SGD29) is one of the signatures most people would remember from Mr Punch Public House. Layered over the tender-fresh barramundi fish is an olive-green tarragon sauce, with in-house beetroot gel on the side. I must say, the tarragon puree coated on the fish was interestingly delicious and uplifting. The Wagyu Beef Burger (SGD24) was perhaps relatively uninspiring but stays on the side of being safely well executed. Its patty was Rangers Valley rostbiff, stacked heavily against tomatoes and tartar sauce to make a good ol' burger. The most memorable main dish has to be these  sleek shoulder cut slices of medium rare Iberica Presa Steak (SGD32) sourced from Spain, impressing all of us with its beef-like texture (spoiler: it's actually pork!) and melt-in-the-mouth quality. Savour the steak with the ambrosial homemade pistachio puree, as this quick-to-please moist slices ooze its meaty goodness in your mouth. 

The Flaming Tiramisu (SGD16) is essentially a deconstructed tiramisu with a rather heavy-handed drizzling of vodka over the fiery party of a dessert. Quite an enigma to enjoy, and some of us likened it to the Waterfall. That's the way it's supposed to be, and I am recommending you to pick a bit of every component to 'reconstruct' the tiramisu. For an element of fun in your dessert, get this fruity granita! You have to crack open the pretty grape skin meringue to see what's beneath it. This tangy, strong-bodied Yuzu Grape Granita (SGD14) is a creation from yuzu with an accompaniment of fresh berries. This refreshing combination is surely set to awaken your senses...! Chocolate lovers will not miss the decadent choice, with dark caramel and chocolate on the side to pair with the moist Banana Chocolate Cake (SGD14). The Passionfruit Creme Brulee (SGD14) is both a feast for the eyes and your tastebuds, with a halfed mango topped with crunchy almond crumbs, passionfruit cubes and custard cream amidst these. It wasn't exactly creme brulee, but perhaps with a contemporary spin to it.

Be prepared for the wide range of drinks that Mr Punch has for you - this place after all, specializes in being a fantastic watering hole to give you a good time with your buddies! Mr Punch offers a wide variety Don't miss out on the Whiskey Sour, a premium choice that has tangy lemon accents, and the Chilli Mojito that they just launched. Their Signature Mr Punch drink is inspired from the English Christmas Punch served warm in a silver chalice. 

Do you know that Mr Punch is located right within one of the most amazing themed museums in Singapore? You guessed it right, it's the Mint Museum of Toys where they house an impressive collection of toys across different cultures and countries. That includes themed floors with Star War action figures, teddy bears and dolls! The entrance fee for adults is SGD15.

Better still, enjoy Mr Punch with the Grabz app and you can get amazing deals while you dine here, including 1 for 1 mains (99 vouchers to use per Premium user) and $30 for a bottle of wine on weekends for Premium users. Get your Premium membership at $19.90/month 😂 They will be having a lot more new merchants on board soon, so you can make your one-for-one deals a lot more worthwhile. Thanks Evangeline & Elphin for the invitation 😂

To secure a table for your special occasion, reservations are advised!

Mr Punch Public House

26 Seah Street
Singapore 188382

Opening hours
Mon - Wed: 1500 - 2330
Fri: 1500 - 0200
Sat: 1100 - 2330
Sun: 1100 - 1800

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