Street 50 Restaurant & Bar (Bay Hotel) New Menu

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

I love new menus.
It is a sign that restaurants are looking to pander to the changing tastebuds of their patrons, to maintain relevance in this evolving dining scene. Located in one of Singapore's hottest boutique hotels Bay Hotel, Street 50 Restaurant & Bar now features a down-to-earth, local Singapore classic favourite 'street food'! The best part? Street 50 is dedicated to serve these amazing culinary treats at fantastic value. Seen personally by Malaysian chef Kelvin who previously helmed at Sofitel, every single dish is a thoughtful creation!
In this post, I will tell you the dishes that are worth checking out from Street 50, the prices, and what are the best things to order when you're here - tips from the chef himself! :)

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

Head down the quieter side of Harbourfront just across Vivocity, you will discover a hidden gem right at the first floor of Bay Hotel that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Most of these new items are priced between $7.90 - 12.90. The laidback aura of the restaurant and attentive servers welcome all their guests. The seating here is comfortably spaced, ensuring that you will have privacy while you dine.

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July
Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

The new menu from Street 50 Restaurant & Bar.

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg Dip (SGD7.90)

We began with the Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg Dip served hot. It is amazing on its own, retaining its crispiness even when it reached our mouths! The salted egg cream tends towards a sweeter sort, a popular accompaniment when it comes to our favourite dishes, though I would say it is not that necessary because it is very good on its own!

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

Coffee Wings (SGD7.90)

This is the most unassuming dish ever! I ended up really liked this surprisingly, these coffee wings have a distinct coffee flavour without being overwhelming. After carefully tweaking the proportions, Chef Kelvin arrived at the perfect balance between sweetness and the coffee fragrance and bitterness! The thick velvety sauce coat every inch of the very tender and juicy chicken meat. It is quite pricey for 4pc, but then it was also very delicious.

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

Cereal Prawns with Wasabi Dressing (SGD9.90)

This is a special rendition of the cereal prawns you get during tze char meals, deep-fried crispy prawns sprinkled with small crunchy cereal bits! Actually very, very good even without the dressing because these prawns are super plump and juicy with the cereal encasing it. Super hungry just thinking about it. The sweet wasabi dressing has a hint of mint, and the wasabi isn't too strong. A very good choice to go around and share.

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

Salted Egg Lava Chicken Breast (SGD9.90)

Here comes the highly anticipated star dish! This is the result to fuse both the chicken cordon bleu recipe and one of Singaporeans' greatest food obsessions ever - salted egg yolk. The chicken breast is kept moist, chewy and tender with Chef Kelvin's new cooking style packed with homemade salted egg yolk paste and cheese. They do not inject the salted egg yolk paste and cheese into the chicken breast as they believe in ensuring its freshness, it is rolled within the chicken breast when it is about to be served.

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

XO Scallops and Prawns Fried Rice (SGD9.90)

Extending the tze char theme, this is stir-fried with premium ingredients and generous amounts of prawns and scallops, wrapped in an omelette to ensure its piping hot yumminess when served!

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

Shrimp and Eggplant Sambal (SGD8.90)

A curiously delicious one, in which the sambal spiciness is not that apparent, which appeals to me who can't take too much spiciness yet wanting to have a bit of the sambal taste. You know, a bundle of contradictions. It is a dish of brinjals, fresh stir-fried plump shrimps and crunchy ikan bilis that is very appetizing due to its sweet, sour and spicy variant kicks.

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

Curry Fish Head (SGD18.90)

I was surprisingly blown away by the Curry Fish Head which was done by their in-house chef specializing in Indian cuisine. The first impression was: wow, wow and wow. I could have this with two bowls of plain rice and be extremely satisfied with my meal. It was luxiously rich and fragrant, a cacophony of spices and silky-smooth fish flesh that hits the right spot. It would be perfect for an incredibly premium prata sauce... I guess if you're in the mood for curry, you'll be instantly sold by this.

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

Claypot Assam Fish Head (SGD18.90)

Instead of the usual assam sauce we are used to, Chef Kelvin prefers to add a healthier twist to it, using tomato puree instead as the base. The result? A light, tantalizing broth with tangy, sweet flavours that reminds me of heartwarming homecooked food. It doesn't have much of the 'assam' taste, but more of a tomato based dish. The fish used in the Curry Fish Head and Assam Fish Head is the same which means as customers, you get to choose how you prefer your fish to be depending on your mood - same, same but different lah. I would say if I don't want to have strong flavours for dinner, I would choose this in a heartbeat. Excellent for sharing among four hungry people - it's a gigantic portion!

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

Oyster Char Kway Teow (SGD12.90)

Inspired by the Hong Kong horfun, Chef Kelvin recreates this char kway teow that is uniquely Street 50 indeed. While ensuring there is a hint of wokhei, he is concerned with ensuring that the kway teow (flat rice noodles) do not 'break', a continuous strand for your enjoyment. It is stir-fried with fresh oysters, hints of Chinese wine, Thai kailan, and mushrooms in oyster sauce. You get to choose if you want it served with fresh, raw oysters as well.

Street 50 Restaurant (Bay Hotel) New Menu 2016 July

Fresh Coconut Malibu Dessert (SGD8.90)

The 'perfect 10' dessert - TWO scoops of premium milky coconut ice cream, a medley of tropical fruits all in a fresh malibu coconut! Not only is it photogenic, the coconuts used to make these desserts are difficult to source for due to the uniquely sweet coconut flesh. Very good value considering this is only $8.90 (people pay $15 upwards for bingsus which have much lesser ingredients). This is even complimentary when you dine up to $50 here at Street 50.

As if all these aren't amazing enough, you will get to stand a chance to win one of these prizes when you dine at Street 50 (till 14 August 2016):

1st Prize: 3D2N stay in newly opened Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minh City
2nd Prize: 2D1N stay in Bay Hotel Singapore
3rd Prize: $100 dining voucher from Street 50 Restaurant & Bar

Reservations can be made at 68186681.

Street 50 Restaurant & Bar Christmas Buffet
50 Telok Blangah Road
Singapore 098828

Opening hours
Daily: 0600-1000; 1200-1500; 1800-2200

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