A "Native" Beauty World Food Trail: Beauty World Food Centre

There are a lot of delicious food options dotted around Singapore, but to know it proper you might have to hang around there long enough. The Beauty World Food Centre is indeed such a place, a food market hidden inconspicuously at the top floor of a shopping mall. I can't think of any similar layout anywhere else in Singapore, but the moment I set my eyes upon this place, I knew there was going to be at least a few stalls of mouthwatering dishes around. The air is a mix of electrifyingly delicious oily fragrances around. We had a goal in mind here: there was a certain stall with excellent xiaolongbaos here.

Right next to the corner stall, this ramen and dumpling house is seemingly tended by three Chinese nationals in an assembly line to churn out the steamed yummy goodies, and you know that's actually a good sign for xiaolongbaos. Another place I will think about when it comes to xiaolongbaos is the Chinese stall in NTU Canteen 2 (nooo not Din Tai Fung, even though I do love that too), but I was super eager to try this out too because my boyfriend was telling me about this since for-ever.

It was served very quickly, 5 steaming xiaolongbaos to one basket (10pc for SGD7). I must say... it's really of a pretty good standard, and will definitely give both NTU Can 2's and Din Tai Fung's xiaolongbaos a run for their money. The skin of the baos is thin enough, yet it doesn't break when picked up - 100% success rate of only bursting when I bite into it, and the soup is perfectly savoury, tasty with fresh, chewy pork meat in there. I must say I was quite impressed! Is it worth going down to try? Why not, you get a decent spread along with the chance to try out so many other worthy stalls. The price is slightly steep, but no doubt for this quality it's worth it.

You Peng Ramen Dumpling House
Beauty World Plaza
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #04-23
Singapore 588177

The next one we tried was the Satay Bee Hoon which had one of the longest queues around the food market. Apparently another stall - the mixed vegetable rice - that is very popular too, but it was closed. It's ok! Next time then, but let's try the satay bee hoon (SGD4) first:

The satay beehoon here is a plate of white beehoon doused intensely in thick, rich and robust peanut satay sauce. There was a little spicy zing in there which wasn't overpowering. They totally spared no punches in giving you ingredients, with cuttlefish, prawn, tender chicken slices, kangkong and beansprouts too, for SGD4 it is so satisfying. Next time, we shall conquer more stalls. Watch this space!

JN Li Satay Bee Hoon
Beauty World Plaza
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #04-40
Singapore 588177

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