A "Native" Toa Payoh Food Trail: Fatty Cheong ABC Char Siew Rice

Say hello to the new work-resident of Toa Payoh. I've been working in the area for nearly a month now, and I have had the pleasure of eating my heart out at this amazing foodie's heaven! It is downright satisfying, and it has made me look forward to working every day - well, just the food alone is awesome. I have not been able to blog as much because work has thrown a spanner into my usual routine. Now that I have settled down a little (no, actually it's just because there's a three-day long weekend) I can finally start to re-introduce blogging into my routine! So I've decided to embark on a new food series - a "native" Toa Payoh food trail, thanks to the introduction to all the yummiest things around this neighbourhood.

All the delicious things here... but I will definitely kick off this series with Fatty Cheong ABC Char Siew Rice. This is one of the most popular char siew rice in Singapore, with another stall at ABC Brickworks Market. Given that char siew rice can be found in nearly every single food court and hawker centre, it certainly isn't easy to emerge as one of the best. Who would join such a long queue for char siew rice unless it is really damn good?

Oh, the glisten of this plate of freshly roasted char siew with charcoal fire! Altogether, the caramelized top layer and the fatty tender generous meat is truly a league of its own. Nearly the entire portion of char siew was perfect. It is totally not difficult to see how it is much better than the average. The sauce was also not too sweet, it's mixed with a bit of savoury taste in it too. The chilli they use is also the intense spicy and sour flavour, which is as enticing as it burns. This whole plate is only $3.50! Other than rice, you can also enjoy the roasted char siew with noodles as well.

I'm not sure what the owners' relationship is with dragon dance but they had a lot of dragon heads hung near the ceiling. There is hardly a quiet time here at this Food Alley indoor area because of Fatty Cheong.

Fatty Cheong ABC Char Siew Rice
Food Alley Blk 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #01-528
Singapore 310190

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