How the Taurus in me started throwing money on online shops.

It started innocently enough. My significant other and I wanted to get some badminton shuttlecocks after a gym session, so we made a trip to the sports shop. But the price tag at the sports shop was $25 for 12 shuttlecocks (or something like that). Something in me just wasn't happy with that. How can something so mundane be so expensive? I was certain that this was just not the best deal possible. Then an idea sprouted in my head and I thought of Taobao. Because everything on Taobao is super cheap, right? Plus, I am sure 90% of the shuttlecocks in the world is made in China aka. where Taobao is from. It made perfect sense.
But there was one problem: isn't Taobao the one with super confusing instructions and walls of Chinese words?

My brain spun fast and remembered something that everyone seems to be talking about - Ezbuy. Yes, yes, it is the platform that makes things EZ to buy on Taobao. Give it a shot... 

Eh, the interface is good, clear and everything is well-labelled.
Most importantly, everything is at Taobao Price.

Remember the shuttlecocks that were priced at $25 for twelve?

I feel like a winner. 

$16 for fifteen.

What is Math?!!

I'm hooked. Even the Taurus in me says yes, take my money! I didn't want to start spending a lot on online shopping, but the time has come. I cannot resist anymore.

Then I go into the jewelry section...

I want 😍

These Anello bags going crazy around town and I thought it will be smart enough to go JB to buy it at RM60 (~SGD20). But Ezbuy has beaten the prices yet again and again. SGD16.74 for one of these lovely backpacks. There is another link that points you to SGD35 for the same thing. They are all fake so if you want to get a fake one you might as well find one that's the cheapest.

This one is another incredibly tempting buy, come on $17 for a leather (ok, it can't be genuine) jacket? The cheapest around, even for equally fake leather jackets would be minimum SGD40 in Singapore, and in JB and with a bit of luck, you might get it at around $SGD30-35. $17!!! Such a dream but I already got a similar one.

If you don't have an account yet, sign up here with this link and you get $10 credits for your first spending!!! There is no minimum spending, which means you can actually buy something worth $12 and just pay $10. Or $10, and you pay nothing.

The Taurus in me is so happy!!! Thank me later, go grab the deals!

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