My Favourite Cafe in the Far West, Archipelago Creamery

The West is definitely the least developed when it comes to cool hipster places to hang out at. Westies always have to travel at least halfway across the island.. but not anymore with Archipelago Creamery. OK other than the fact that I live approximately 10 minutes away from this wonderful place at Nanyang CC, but obviously it has to be good for me to go back three times right? And three times down and I'm not sick of it yet... gonna be back to try some of their pastries next time! But before that, I want to introduce this place:

This little hideout is nautical themed. Its walls are painted with a very pretty Tiffany blue, white and wood colour all around the whole cafe. It is very airy, with a lot of light streaming in. The best part is that it is located at quite a farflung location, so there is usually very little people around. It is very quiet and perfect for conversations on all my visits. Almost everything is self-service here, including free-flow water and getting utensils. Other than that, service is inconsistent.

Archipelago Creamery does not have much of mains - mostly desserts of all kinds including Shibuya toasts, waffles with ice-creams, and pastries! On all three occasions, I tried their irresistible ice-cream waffles! All kinds of flavours are available - including Mango Sorbet, Cookies and Cream, Rocher, Mint Chocolate, Coconut, Mixed Berries and Dark Chocolate...! Wow, it definitely makes me completely spoilt for choice. Surprisingly, all the ice-cream here is artisanal home-made! Of all that I have tried, they are all of a good quality, but the proportion of flavours is quite subjective. I liked the Coconut, Cookies and Cream and Dark Chocolate quite a lot.

I was here with all my favourite people on different occasions! 😄

Archipelago Creamery
Nanyang CC
60 Jurong West Street 91 #01-09
Singapore 649040

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