‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds

I was looking forward to this episode of SING CHINA all week! Are you the same as I am? I am so encouraged by Na Ying and Harlem's past episodes in this season and remember amazing vocals such as Malaysian Li Peiling, Wang Chuang, Vinida, Ji Ke Hao, Yang Mei Na...! Too many! Let's jump straight into the competition deets of this week:

Here you can watch the entire SING CHINA Season 1 Episode 11

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds

Na Ying has chosen their team 'battle song' of the night to be 哈林音乐会, a medley of Harlem's songs. Yang Bo (zomg!) starts with 靠近, his voice has really ascended to a point it can instantly make your eyes water. Su Li Sheng seemed to have changed his style to be more "Na Ying"! Wang Chen Rui and Li Pei Ling sing 命中注定 together, it is incredible how they have improved over these few weeks to be so much polished, not just in terms of singing, but the way they move and their performance persona. Na Ying picks up the song with 报告班长, as Vinida slides into the groove with a slow-rap, it's much more pleasing now. Everyone chorused into 一整晚的音乐, demonstrating that they can do fast songs too! Na Ying is really successful, she has made her students surpassed her even though she herself is spectacular in this performance. Wow. Now I can't wait for Harlem's - because he is KING of song choreography.

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds

Ji Ke Hao sings 白天不懂也得黑, and oh my, he has became much more polished than before. His 'lamb' style of singing is no longer as awkward and he harmonized brilliantly with Yao Xi. Wang Chuang, Yang Mei Na and Yao Xi eases into M2M's Pretty Boy, then back to 白天不懂也得黑 with a groovy R&B style. Yang Mei Na and Wang Chuang conquered the whole performance, drowning the rest of their voices out. It wasn't as sophisticated as I thought Harlem would usually do, but perhaps he placed more effort in the real PK matches instead. He asks Na Ying why she was so serious in making the opening performance so complex as if she was celebrating him with the medley, and she casually jokes that it was more for a memorial.

Li Peiling vs Wang Chuang

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds

If you haven't seen the thousands of spoilers hurling across social media space, Li Peiling sings Fight Song, yes, the song that plays whenever someone wins the PK! Na Ying has learnt her lesson instead of making her students sing Footsteps in the Sand (the farewell song for lost players) in the past. Instead of putting a lot of strength, she does it in this angelic, soothing way. Goosebumps!!! Later, she transits into one that showcases her effortless higher tones, beautiful. I mean, Li Peiling, you are way more than alright. She gives a deep bow at the end, and it's onto Wang Chuang.

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds

Wang Chuang sings 逃亡. Oh my, I already feel like crying. I need both of them in top 12! Her voice is very wide, you might say she has no personality but you can't deny that it is so enjoyable to hear her sing. And she makes it so inviting to sing with her. She has a few tricks up her sleeve - Harlem definitely did something - as she rises to a crescendo that captured everyone's attention! Whoever who loses, I wished their teacher will save them.

Verdict: 38 - Li Pei Ling; 13 - Wang Chuang

Harlem doesn't save Wang Chuang, much to my disappointment. But it is too early in the game to exercise the Save option yet.

Yang Bo vs Yang Mei Na

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds

Keeping to her promise, Na Ying lets her contestant, a web-singer, Yang Bo sing 枫, obviously, he has been training for a long long time for this since his last appearance on the show. And it shows. He is also apparently deeply nervous, maybe because the original singer is deadstaring back at him. He sings the bridge part - 在山腰間飄逸的紅雨 wonderfully, but can't help but feel this song is still difficult to express. I was slightly disappointed it wasn't more showy, and a little letdown for not utilizing his voice more.

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds

Yang Mei Na seems to be going for Momo Wu's style. She sings 黄豆, a generally non-mainstream song by Jay Chou. She reminds me of A-mei for some reason. Super funky and finally something that reflects Harlem with this amazing high energy performance.

Verdict: 35 - Yang Mei Na; 16 - Yang Bo

Vinida vs Ji Ke Hao

Photo credit: SING CHINA Facebook 
Vinida sings 不潮不需要花钱, a song rechoreographed from Lin JJ. This song extends from her laid-back, old-school sing-rap style. Like her counterparts, she come across as obviously much more sophisticated, more toned-down and a lot less vulgar. The singing component is lower in proportion than her rap, which puts at a disadvantage at this point. Everyone knows her standard of rap by now, and it would have helped her if she demonstrated how much she can sing, like the Low Key Duo.

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds
Photo credit: SING CHINA Facebook 
Ji Ke Hao is in his element, and has already established his own style long before in the competition. He sings 静心等, a song from the old Shanghai days, sung by Alex To's mother 张露. This song has been re-choreographed and given new life. There are certain parts of George Thorogood's song - Bad To The Bone - weaved into the performance. It is an engaging song that would get you bobbing your head with him despite most people not knowing these songs before. Harlem managed to help Ji Ke Hao find a marketable style within his personality, and that is a really good development for his music career.

I like both of them so much too, but somehow I felt that Na Ying's competitive personality might have stunted her contestant's chances. Na Ying looked visibly disappointed, and she chooses to use her only chance to save Vinida! It means Vinida needs to PK once more with whoever Harlem may save later.

Verdict: 32 - Ji Ke Hao; 19 - Vinida

Wang Chen Rui vs Zhao Xiao Xi

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds
Photo credit: SING CHINA Facebook 
Wang Chen Rui carries forward her previous high from singing Cantonese songs, and decided to sing 友情岁月. From the get go, it's already Cantonese from the first line. It is an excellent decision because she is completely comfortable in her skin as she does it. Wang has a brilliant power and confidence that shines through beautifully this time.

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds
Photo credit: SING CHINA Facebook 
Zhao Xiao Xi knows what he is good at - funk! And that's probably why at chose the chart-topper song - Happy by Pharrell Williams. Again, Harlem's creativity is unmistakable in this creation, with the incorporation of Indian musical elements with this song. This move reminds us of Harlem's team episode (Episode 8). The crowd goes wild.

Verdict: 34 - Wang Chen Rui; 17 - Zhao Xiao Xi

Harlem chooses to save Zhao Xiao Xi! This means that there will be one more PK between Vinida and Zhao Xiao Xi later.

Su Li Sheng vs Yao Xi

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds
Photo credit: SING CHINA Facebook 
As Na Ying's final contestant, Su Li Sheng sings 流着泪说分手. It is a song full of imagery, and instead of his usual rough way of singing, he is now a reflection of the male version of Voice of China's season 3 winner, Zhang Bi Chen. Another complete tear-jerker performance again by Su Li Sheng. A music producer invites Su Li Sheng to sing the OST of Ode To Joy 2!!! OK irrelevant, but let me recommend to you, you've got to watch Ode To Joy - it is simply the best Chinese drama of 2016 (imho).

‎中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, NA YING & HARLEM PK rounds
Photo credit: SING CHINA Facebook 
Next up, Yao Xi performs 醉拳, where she interchanged between Chinese and Cantonese comfortably, with jazz, samba and funk styles all in one! This girl from Shantou has found her own style with the Midas touch of Harlem. Everything he touches turns gold, so does this performance. It is a curious blend of contemporary and traditional elements. I love the lyrics of this song though - the original is worth a listen too!

Verdict: 26 - Su Li Sheng; 25 - Yao Xi

What a pity, Yao Xi lost by only 1 vote! Harlem has already spent his Save option, so it is certain, Yao Xi is eliminated.

Zhao Xiao Xi vs Vinida (Ultimate PK)

Zhao Xiao Xi sings a song from his mentor, 不敢停止想你. He uses his characteristically steady high falsetto notes to sing this song in a straight-forward way, probably because he didn't expect to need to perform this in the ultimate PK. He is likened to a younger Harlem, which I agree.

Vinida sings yet another of her self-composed songs, 焚心以火. It is again a rap-centric song that has minimal singing components. Somehow I didn't feel that this song as 'beautiful' as it is probably intended to be, and a little abruptly composed. It is still a very Vinidasque performance as usual, so you probably have to really like her to appreciate this.

I think they are too different to be compared like this, and it's a shame to let Vinida go. She will survive well in the music industry anyway, by this point.

Verdict: 27 - Zhao Xiao Xi; 24 - Vinida

So with that - it's confirmed for the top 12 of SING CHINA:
Li Pei Ling
Yang Mei Na
Ji Ke Hao
Wang Chen Rui
Su Li Sheng
Zhao Xiao Xi
Liu Wen Tian
Xu Ge Yang
Jiang Dun Hao
Nathan Hartono
Low Key Duo
Yu Tian

Keep checking back for more updates over the weekend!

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