A "Native" Queenstown Food Trail: Otoko Ramen

I have been in Queenstown more frequently than I have ever been in my life for some reason like exploration, and for that, I have the opportunity to prowl the streets and check out new foodie stops around the area! With the flux of ramen shops still rampant around Singapore, you know that Singaporeans' love for these noodles ain't abating anytime soon. Otoko Ramen has opened here right beside IKEA Alexandra and I was feelin' like ramen, so I skipped those meatballs and went straight for this.

Otoko is jarringly not Japanese through and through despite its interior, with a mix of local and Malaysian service and kitchen staff,  BUT... they have incredibly attentive service. One of them even helped me to grind black pepper into my ramen bowl (I'm not lazy.. she took it the moment she saw I wanted to use it, before I could react) A bowl of tonkotsu ramen here sets you back around 16 bucks, including taxes. I wasn't expecting top-notch ramen here, I mean.. you can say if it's top-notch quality word would be on the street about Otoko. But it is good. The tonkotsu ramen soup base is decently rich, not overly salty, and the noodles were closer to a springy and firm texture than soft, just as I like it.. it got pretty ordinary fast and I wished I ordered the dragon spicy one instead. All I can say is, Otoko does well for rainy day comfort food but if you're looking for the magical spark of the top-notch Japanese ramen, it's not here. But the truly heartwarming part is Otoko's service.

Otoko Ramen
321 Alexandra Road #01-16
Singapore 159971

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