A "Native" Toa Payoh Food Trail: One Eleven Mixed Vegetables Rice Stall

At 1.15pm, running low on supplies already.
Reddit says nobody will travel to look for caipng (mixed vegetable rice) specifically. I say One Eleven Mixed Vegetables Rice Porridge Stall is worth it. After eating approximately 15 lunches at this stall within 7 weeks, I have thereby concluded that this mixed vegetable rice stall is the best I have ever had. Some background information about me and mixed vegetable rice stalls: nearly none. People swear by their school cai png stalls, but having tried a few times, I was never impressed. It's always a little stale, and non-enticing flavours. This one is different.

The queue starts forming at 12.15pm and doesn't taper off until some time after 2pm, and it is a major favourite of the locals and office-goers nearby. Everything is cooked fresh and popular options get wiped out really fast. Once it's gone, there's no replacement for the day, you'll only have to come back tomorrow. 12.30pm is the sweet spot timing to go! 

What's best: the spicy pepper chicken and egg tofu, along with a good dousing of curry sauce like this goes at SGD2*. SGD2! SGD2* - dependent on auntie (price lower for the shorter, older auntie), auntie's mood portion, and your luck. Sometimes it varies to $2.20, $2.50. Well, as with any of these heartlanders' mixed veg rice stalls. Oh, don't you just love the spontaneity of it all. Definitely one of the places you have got to stop by for your list of amazing food finds of the neighbourhood of Toa Payoh. I have eaten this combination for a few days consecutively the first time I had it, and till date, I am not bored of it (maybe not yet). What, where do you find such a value-for-money in Singapore? Here:

One Eleven Mixed Vegetables Rice Porridge Stall
Block 74 Market & Food Centre
Toa Payoh Lorong 4
Singapore 310074

Opens for lunch only.
Closed on Mon and/or Tues occasionally.

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